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Way before I heard about the Law of Attraction, I knew the concept of karma—what goes around, comes around. Put out good and you get good. Put out bad and you get bad. It was very simple to understand. Nowadays, karma has become an easy way to describe the Law of Attraction. But they’re not exactly interchangeable.

For me, karma applies more generally to the way you live. It was never used to attract specific desires. But, it does attract a happier, more fruitful life in general. When you have good karma, the people and situations around you tend to be good too. Life feels less stressful and more hopeful. Having good karma adds fuel to the Law of Attraction. It reflects living a life filled with integrity.

I found a video called The 12 Laws of Karma that give great principles for keeping more good karma in your life. I hope you enjoy it!




See all the posts in my Law of Attraction in Action Series HERE.

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