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The overall economy isn’t good. Many people are struggling and out of work. All the news about how bad it is can influence the vibration you put out for more money or better work circumstances. That means YOU limit YOU. Just because the economy isn’t good, doesn’t mean YOURS must be bad. YOU create your reality, not the news about the economy or seeing people you know having financial problems. YOU create your reality with the expectations you put out.

I work freelance—no job or steady income. Yet I’m doing well, because that’s how I choose to set my reality. It can be hard to expect to get the work you need when opportunities are drying up. But there are still opportunities. I get them! Why not you? When your faith is strong that you’ll be fine in any economy,  and you let the Universe know this with a strong vibration, you’ll be okay!

I have a friend who works for himself. His income is dependent on how many people use his service. He’s a man of strong faith in God. But he scoffs the idea of the Law of Attraction and refuses to listen to suggestions. He told me his business is down and he’s applying for a fourth part time job to compensate for slow business in his trade. He vehemently justifies his situations with the belief that in a down economy, he must expect to have less people use his service.

When I suggest he change his mindset, he always says, “God provides.” Yes, God is providing him with many small jobs that each pays a little doing menial work while he uses his talent less and less. He’s always working, living hand to mouth. God is providing him with fulfillment of his expectations and finding the menial jobs he expects to need to pay his rent. While his faith in God is strong, his overriding belief is that he will have to struggle in a down economy. Yet I know others who do what he does who still have plenty of clients.

So he tells God he expects to struggle and gets support in that. God provides the different jobs to fill in his income and he continues to struggle, accepting that it’s how it’s meant to be. But it’s not! Your expectations are a choice, not a sentence created by people and the news around you. Many people are doing well in this economy and I don’t just mean heads of companies. People are starting businesses that make money. There are still good job openings and people who need services.

The people who expect to do well are more likely to be the ones doing well. Those like my friend, who is sure that business should go down in a down economy, aren’t. How do you feel about your economic situation? Is your income reflecting that? If it is and you don’t like it, change your thoughts about the economy. Expect that life will go well, no matter what the economy or what others say. It will if YOU let it!

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