This is post 181 in my series on the Law of Attraction in Action. You CAN use your power to manifest your desires. I do it every day! Read all the posts in my Law of Attraction in Action Series to see how.

A big part of using the Law of Attraction to your advantage is having positive intentions. Often we forget to put them out. A really good way to have a really good day is to get into the habit of setting intentions first thing in the morning. You don’t have to be specific if you’re not sure what you need or will get done. An intention to be on a positive path for the day that sets the tone for it. For example:

•    “I intend to feel great today!”
•    “I will have a very productive day.”
•    “I will encounter only good people today.”
•    “My day will be very positive.”

Think about what you want to do or how you want to feel and express it as an intention. You can use the same thing more than once, or every day, as long as you don’t get into a rut of saying it by rote instead of declaring it as an intention with feelings. That’s another big key. When you set your intentions, do so with enthusiasm. Say it aloud. I sometimes scream it out with excitement if no one is here. Whatever works for you to put a strong positive emotion behind the intention will help make it happen.

The Universe will pick up on your intentions so the Law of Attraction can get behind them. It helps you have a much better day than you might have.

I often add fuel to setting my intentions by expressing what I’m grateful for. Gratitude always helps attract good stuff. When I open my blinds I give thanks for the sun or my view or something I’m happy about and for my good health. That keeps those blessings coming! Once you get into the habit of setting an intention right after you get up, it becomes a habit that helps attract good stuff. And it doesn’t have to take more than a minute to just state a positive expectation for the day.

Then let the Law of Attraction help you live in a more positive world!

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