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I’ve always thought of entertainment as a pleasurable activity. I go to movies to laugh or watch a good story. I like to walk out of the theater feeling good. Recently I saw Stomp and practically danced all the way home. Music lifts my soul. I like different genres for different moods but music always puts me into a great mood. And a great mood facilitates raising my vibration to manifest more.

Yet many people indulge in entertainment that brings their mood down. Sad movies leave them feeling sad after. Some movies and TV shows are downright depressing! I don’t consider that entertainment if it makes you feel bad. I do understand it, since I used to indulge in entertainment that left me feeling depressed, another element that kept me stuck in DoorMatville.

I think for me, watching the problems of others took my mind off of my own. There’s a perverse comfort in watching the struggles of others when you’re struggling too.  I felt that. But it’s unhealthy comfort and reinforces feeling depressed, sad, disappointed and/or hopeless. All of that sends a negative vibration to the Law of Attraction and guess what you attract? More things that make you feel negative!

I had the opportunity to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for free but passed. I know it was a bestselling book and the movie is supposed to be good. But I also knew how upset seeing the violent rape and other scenes would leave me feeling. I no longer consider anything that brings my vibration down as entertainment like I used to. I prefer to keep mine as positive as possible so I can manifest more good stuff.

Years ago, when I’d break up with a boyfriend, I’d play sad songs over and over, and cry as I sang along with the heartbreaking lyrics. It prolonged the pain of breaking up and made healing harder. Music helped me wallow in misery, which sent a message to the Universe that I wanted to be miserable. As I became more empowered, I realized how counterproductive that was to being happy. When my next breakup happened, instead of playing music that reflected my pain, I played upbeat songs that picked up my mood and added to my self-empowerment.

It told the Universe that my happiness was more important than the guy who’d hurt me. That reinforced allowed me to build stronger self-love.

Love yourself enough to limit negative entertainment. Become more aware of how you feel after watching a depressing movie or listening to sad songs. If the feelings linger, do something positive to change your vibration. You owe it to yourself to keep your vibration as high as possible. Monitor any negatives you consciously allow in your life. If you love those kinds of movies, find ways to balance your mood after so you send a positive vibe that the Law of Attraction can respond to.

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