I’m delighted to share an interview with Mahendra Kumar Trivedi today. Over the last sixteen years, close to 150,000 people around the world have received Energy Transmissions from him. They report improved mood, less stress and anxiety, more energy, greater stamina, increased self-confidence, clarity of mind, and inner peace. Some have significant improvements in sleep patterns and even in chronic health conditions in a very short period of time. Great Improvements in relationships, business and finances have also been reported.

Energy Transmissions are sent by Mr. Trivedi by intentional thought for the purpose of strengthening the connection between the recipient and Universal Intelligence. They raise consciousness to a more attuned level of functioning, vastly improving the quality of life. The result of this is known as the “Trivedi Effect™.” The goal of Trivedi Master Wellness™ is about living a life where one effortlessly follows one’s own inner guidance, where the connection between the heart and the mind is complete and individual consciousness is connected to Universal Consciousness. Then real happiness is possible and it never goes away.

I was fascinated when I read about Mr. Trivedi’s amazing gift so when he was in NYC I went to him for an Energy Transmission. My GREAT skepticism quickly vanished as my mood elevated to feeling more joyous than ever every day, my sleep improved, and my energy is stronger than in years. I have a health problem that seems to be improving. I’ve also had wonderful things come into my life also. So I had to talk to this man who helps so many people around the world.

How did you first recognize your special ability? When 6 years I recognized I must have some kind of abilities different than other people because of my perception about the world, my thinking, and response in society. I was different than children of my age. At 32, when I was sleeping in the night, my brain started processing that this is the time to use those abilities and gifts for the betterment of some of the people. I had to play my role on this planet for millions of people, that is for sure. So the next morning I resigned from my job and felt happiness for first time in life and new sentiments from my family members.

What would you say to someone who was skeptical about your work? I’m one of the most skeptical men on this planet. Skeptical means based on human testimony. Who will decide who is real or not real? Science has the capability and my skeptic nature inspired me to enter into the arena of science. If this is real, then definitely it must have the ability to transform everything, plants, trees, soil, animals, bacteria, human cells, cancer cells and more. I thought if this energy is not transforming all these things then I will consider the energy to be fake and I didn’t want to stay with anything which is fake. From 2000 onward we contacted several universities and the scientist designed experiments.

How did the experiments work? I did energy infusions on different varieties of plants and trees, related to nuts, fruits, vegetables and grains. I did not interfere with the design pattern and told them to use the international standard. There must not be any problem in publication. The data from the universities showed that after this energy transmission, the soil was transformed. It had 9 times more useful bacterial and 6 times less harmful bacteria. Nine thousand cashew samplings were transformed. There was no need for fungicides and other chemicals. They were tested in  laboratories in the UK and Germany. Scientist discovered that these cashews had much more vitality and vigor and another test established a ten times more shelf life. Scientists found up to 500% more production—more to eat—and 600% more immunity in the defense system.

What happened when you entered into the arena of animal science? Last year I energy infused water in India—remotely. It was given to 2,100 chickens. They were only given the energy water—no medicine or antibiotics or hormones. The food was the same. After 47 days, the scientists found that our chickens had 15% more meat production. After 4 data collections, they found our chickens had 17% less infectious bacteria level and 17% more blood platelet count. This means very high quality health. We did hundreds of experiments in labs on infectious bacteria for humans. Then we experimented on viruses, like HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and herpes virus. Scientific analysis found the energy was able to kill up to 99.81% of viruses within a period of 10 years.

Before giving an energy transmission, you have us pray to whatever higher power we believe in. Why is that so important? That is the source of your energy. The connection is so important because we get the energy from our higher source, which means our creator—the source which creates all of us. Some use God, the Divine, the Universal intelligence or the Universe. People have the religious freedom to choose the God of their understanding.

Why do people sometimes not feel better or actually have intensified symptoms after a transmission? If the transmission is coming, you might not be ready to adjust to the new shift. If you have a disease like eczema, your hand is used to scratching. Suppose you’re living in the dark for a long time. Your eyes need to adjust to that light. There’s an adjustment to the new situation. When you transplant a new kidney it can take 7 weeks for the adjustment. It’s called the healing crisis.

That last answer especially made so much sense to me. My health problem has changed, like it’s fighting to stay because my body is used to having it. But, every day it gets a little better. After exhausting treatments to no avail from several doctors, I suspect that the Energy Transmission changed something in me. I will give it a few more weeks to really see if the results stick. But my faith is strong that it will! When Mr. Trivedi is in NY for 2 days, people line up for a transmission. He also does group transmissions via the Internet or by telephone. You can check out Mahendra Kumar Trivedi at Trivedi Master Wellness and see what he offers and his schedule.

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