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It’s easy to decide what you want. But often the dream gets stuck at the starting gate because you don’t believe it can happen if you can’t see HOW it will. If you set a goal and then try to figure out the path to accomplish it, going from an idea to making it happen might seem too hard if you can’t see how to accomplish it. Not knowing HOW you’ll get what you want is one of the biggest obstacles in following your dreams or thinking bigger than what seems possible in your current reality. For example:

•    You want to increase your income by a lot but see limited potential to do that at your current job. If you can’t see where the money could come from you might resign yourself to managing with what you have. That tells the Universe you’re fine where you are and you get support in staying there.

•    You’re dying to travel through Europe but can barely afford a trip to see grandma, who lives in the next state. Continuing to believe that the trip is out of your reach keeps it out of your reach since that’s what the Law of Attraction picks up.

•    You want to start a business but don’t have a big savings and people tell you it can’t be done by you. You can’t even imagine how to raise capital or even take the first step, so you rule it out. As you rule it out, the Law of Attraction also rules it out.

Those kinds of thoughts shoot your desires down. Yet you can change that with strong faith in whatever way works for you. After many years of being unhappy because I couldn’t figure out how to do the things that excited me, I finally learned that I don’t have to. When I put the HOW into God’s hands I manifest what I need. Thinking you can’t do it brings reinforcements from the Law of attraction that you can’t. Your thoughts about it are negative and that reflects in your vibration.

You don’t have to know how something will happen when you put out an intention. You just have to believe it will.

When you focus on what you want and trust that you’ll find the way to getting it, miracles can happen. There are unlimited opportunities out there for those who trust and are flexible and faithful enough to trust the HOW will show up at the right time. The money you want may come from an unexpected source. You may be invited to do a job that has you traveling through Europe. Someone who believes in your dream may cross your path and want to be your partner in the business you’ve dreamed of having.

When you put out strong intentions and keep your vibration high, the Law of Attraction brings you people, resources and opportunities to fill in the blanks in your HOW. Ask your higher being for advice!

•    “How will I manifest what I’m putting out to the Universe?”
•    “What should I do first?”
•    “Is there something I’m not thinking about?”
•    “Is there someone I should approach?”
•    “Is there a class or book I should check out to learn more?”

When you ask you’ll get answers. They may not come in words. It’s more likely you’ll be shown in your experiences. You might talk to someone who tells you something that’s helpful or see an ad for a class or hear something on the radio that’s related to reaching your goal. The more you trust that HOW to reach your goal will be shown to you, the stronger your vibration will be and the faster answers will come. Let the Law of Attraction bring it to you by having enough faith that it will!

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