Today is the last day of my 31 Days of Self-Love posts to celebrate Self-Love Month with suggestions for jumpstarting your own self-love.

This is post 173 in my series on the Law of Attraction in Action. You CAN use your power to manifest your desires. I do it every day! Read all the posts in my Law of Attraction in Action Series to see how.

Today is the last day of Self-Love Month but it shouldn’t be the end of self-love and being a loving person in general. My 31 Days of Self-Love Challenge will continue all year long so you can take it again and again. I want to help you get into the habit of consciously being kind to yourself. I know how easy it is to do the opposite. When I was a DoorMat my focus was on beating myself up, looking for reasons to feel bad about me, making light of the good I had in favor of what I saw as my faults and shortcomings.

Seeing yourself through the eyes of disapproval like I did feels lousy, so I usually didn’t feel very good about my life. That creates a vibration that doesn’t attract good stuff. And feeling unlovable keeps you from attracting love. It kept me unhappy and stuck in DoorMatville, pleasing others at my expense. When you don’t treat yourself with love, others don’t either. And the Law of Attraction reinforces that! Plus, people pleasers think they’re being loving when they satisfy other people’s needs, but they’re not. They do it to feel more secure and the people they attract are happy to use them. That can really prevent attracting loving people into your world!

Seeing yourself through the eyes of self-love creates a wonderful vibration that attracts loving people and feelings to you. When I began to love me, I was amazed, shocked and astounded at how different the world looked and the kind of people I met. Back then I didn’t understand that my new loving vibration was picked up by the Law of Attraction and I got lots of love because of it. Now I understand that love attracts more love. Disdain attracts more disdain.

I thought I loved people but in retrospect, I just loved feeling the approval of others. It wasn’t until I loved me that I knew the true meaning of love in general.

Love doesn’t expect anything other than fair treatment. It doesn’t require favors or judge. It should include kindness. And it all begins with YOU. As Self-Love Month comes to and end, hold onto the spirit for the rest of the year. My 31 Days of Self-Love Challenge will be up all year. You can take it more than once. The important thing is to consciously be kind to you as much as possible. The more love you give to yourself and to others, the more love you’ll attract into your world.

My life has become the most wonderful I could imagine since I let love in. Yes, I let it in by first loving me. As I did, my whole world became more loving. When you love yourself you won’t allow people to treat you with anything less than respect. Your sense of deserving goes all the way up! There are so many reasons to love yourself, as I said in my post, 10 Reasons to Love Yourself.

Keep the self-love coming and enjoy all the good you’ll attract by loving YOU!

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