Today is Day 13 of my 31 Days of Self-Love posts to celebrate Self-Love Month with suggestions for jumpstarting your own self-love.

I’m delighted to have Laura M. Turner, M.Sc., CNHP back as my guest today. She’s an author, journalist and wellness mentor specializing in natural anti-aging practices and nutritional medicine. Below Laura provides insight into healing sources of energy. Tapping into them is a great act of self-love!

The Power Of Love And Other Healing Sources Of Energy
By Laura M. Turner

Have you read The Little Prince, the children’s story by Saint-Exupery?  Simply, it’s the story of a boy who met a rose.  He thought she was different, but wasn’t sure.  He was too young to understand that he loved her or how to love her. So he left her behind.

He carried on to seek his adventures. And during his travels he discovered, there were hundreds more roses; thousands of them.  Sadly, he realized, none of them were his. To him his rose was different from all others, she was difficult, cranky, stubborn, independent, afraid.  But in his heart he loved her. And this is what made her different from all the others.  To him, what gave her beauty and made her unique was something that was invisible.

If you haven’t read the story, I won’t give away all the good parts.  What matters most is that we all understand the take-home message, “the eyes are blind,” and to truly see, “one must look with the heart.”

This can hold true for your health and self-awareness, too.  For according to ancients, there are seven sources of invisible energy that act as fuel to our being. In his book Ayurvedic Healing: A Comprehensive Guide, Dr. David Frawley tells us, if we are aware of these sources of energy, we are all able to draw from them.  To me this discovery is as important as that of the one made by the Little Prince. And as I continue to dig deeper into my spiritual work, I understand not only the importance of looking within ourselves for inner strength, but love is the fulcrum of all balance in each of our lives. We just need to know how to harness it to enhance our personal growth.

Here are the seven sources of energy and why they are important to each of us. I hope you will take time to review each one and decide how you can use it to create your own powerful and empowering energy source.

Source One: The Energy That Comes From Our Inner Inherent Vitality.  This energy source, according to Frawley, is dependent upon what he calls “karmic” factors.  Translation: the energy source we already posses.  This power is given to us at birth and manifests as an outward presence in some, or more of an introverted position in others.  This is our innate natural power.  In my mind, regardless of whether we are introverted or extroverted this energy puts us in a natural flow with all of life.  To tap this energy source then, be aware of what “fuels you” and what activities make you tired.  Therein lies the answer to the activities that flow with your personal tide.

Source Two:  The Energy That We “Draw From Outside Sources.”  This energy is otherwise known as food and breath.  Most of us know this one, proper eating from organic sources increases energy.  So does deep breathing.  Deep breathing strengthens the heart, the lungs and the brain. In most Eastern practices, this can also involve breathing exercises.  The idea is, through breathing exercises we are breathing in and inspiring the breath of life.

Source Three:  Activities That “Produce Energy Though The Mind.”  This could include “sensory perception.”  Translation: We can do well to keep our environment beautiful and spend time in nature.  Inhaling nature gives the mind positive energy and increased creativity.  This, I would consider an outward energy source.  Ask yourself, is my environment supportive to my creativity, to my life and my work?  Does my environment give me energy?  Or does it make me feel tired and depleted?  These are all subjective notions to be aware of.

Source Four: Deep Sleep.  Proper sleep is a necessary ingredient for a strong mind.  It acts to renew the mind and is known as a natural form of meditation.  Deep sleep regenerates our entire being. As I’ve written before, lack of sleep can literally stimulate neurotransmitters in the brain that can create schizophrenic-type behaviors.  Sleep rests the heart, it mends the body and stimulates the immune system.

Source Five:  Energy We Receive From Other People.  Who we associate with can be a source of our cause a deficit in our vitality.  As we naturally seek to associate with others and “congregate” with one another – it makes healthy sense to align ourselves with those who we can “emulate” and those who are doing what we think to be valuable.  For example, my grandmother used to tell me “show me who your friends are and I’ll show you who you are.”  This source of energy is absolutely self-explanatory.

Source Six:  Love.  Love is the highest and “most nourishing” form of energy.  Love can “keep us alive” it can keep them well and can raise awareness of all of those whose lives we touch.  Love is a healing force.  And according to author, Dr. David Frawley:  “a person who feels love will not be depressed, and a person who gives love becomes a source of life itself.”

Source Seven:  Our Own Soul.  If love is the most nourishing form of energy, the most important source of energy is our own soul.  To receive this energy we must find a way to contact it and tap into its power.  Easterners have long understood; If we are depending entirely on outward sources of energy we are limited and “possess a tendency toward decay.”  Therefore our most important quest is to find a way to connect with this internal source of energy. We do this by seeking self-actualization and following the path to our true aspirations and vocation.

I do hope you will take time to consider the energy that is fueling your tank. Is it giving you power?  Or is it taking away from the delicate balance of your life and holding you back from being all that you wish to be?  It’s well worth your consideration.  Continue to look within yourself to align with the you – you are meant to be. Go forward now with the vision of the Little Prince: look to the stars and see them with the eyes of your heart.

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