Today is Day 28 of my 31 Days of Self-Love posts to celebrate Self-Love Month with suggestions for jumpstarting your own self-love.

It can feel more comfortable to plan your activities in advance. No surprises, No risks. But doing something at the last minute, without planning, can be the most satisfying activities. It doesn’t have to be crazy or a big deal. Accepting a last minute invite can put a smile on your face instead of regret for not knowing about it in advance.

Leave some free time open. Take a walk and go from there. Take a chance that what you end up doing might be a pleasant surprise. Do something on your terms. Look in the mirror and ask what you’re in the mood to do. Maybe there’s a movie you’ve wanted to see or a store you want to check out. Just get dressed and go, without making advance plans. Put on some music and dance.

While I often can’t be spontaneous when my schedule is full, I look forward to the times when I can just decide on something and go do it, without excuses or guilt about the laundry waiting to be done or other chores. And when if you can, do a spontaneous trip. I was once invited to London for an event at the last minute. How can I go overseas in two days? It was crazy! But I got a cheap ticket and packed a bag. After the event I got a cheap train ticket to Paris for a few days. It broke my fear of traveling alone and just going when I wanted to.

Since then I’ve made last minute plans to go somewhere for a few days on several occasions and was always grateful I did. Try something spontaneous that you’d enjoy, however small. It’s a lovely ways to say, “I love me!”

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