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What do you aspire to be or do or have? I sometimes ask that when I’m speaking and get a whole gamut of answers. Some are very realistic—getting a small raise each year, maybe being able to buy a house one day, and hoping to have enough money when they retire. Some confess to big dreams with embarrassment. They qualify everything with “It probably won’t happen” or “I shouldn’t even be thinking about this in my position.” So many of us get brainwashed into knowing our place in life that it knocks the big dreams right out of our heads. The more insecure you feel, the less you’re likely to dream BIG.

When I was a DoorMat my self-image was poor. I knew what I wanted to do but became a teacher like I was told to do. I spent years feeling like my creative talent was going to waste but didn’t have the nerve to even consider doing what appealed to me. Funnily enough, I did know that I had special talent but I didn’t have the nerve to figure out how to leave the box I put myself in to use it in satisfying ways. Instead, I gave it away just to use it. Other teachers knew that I’d design their bulletin boards and do the artwork. I wrote plays for classes that weren’t mine and wrote songs and poems for their presentations.

When you’re stuck in a place of believing you can’t do much more than you’re doing now, it’s hard to really dig deep and pull out the dreams that get your heart dancing.

I know how that feels. It triggers envy when you see others with what you’d like and sadness knowing it’s possible but believing not for you. And I also know the sheer, exhilarating, smile stimulating experience of allowing yourself to dream, and to go after what you want because I do it often now! I live by the thought that if I can dream it, I can make it happen. DoorMats leave their dreams in their beds. People pleasers help others make their dreams come true.

People who love themselves know that they have a right to dream big, and to make their dreams come true.

If you just expect to have a little, you most likely will never have a lot. If you have gigantic expectations, chances are you’ll still have a lot even if you don’t manifest everything. I was recently at an event and the speaker did an exercise about attracting more money. She told us to write down the amount we want by next year and said that $50,000 is a good number. That’s what most people wrote. Someone proudly announced she’d gone to $100,000. I kept my mouth shut, wondering what people would think if they knew I wrote 3 million! Why not?

If I expect to make $50,000, I probably won’t get 3 million. While expecting to make 3 million doesn’t guarantee I’ll get it, it sure gives me a better chance than limiting the amount!

Les Brown said, “No one rises to low expectations.”

Even if I don’t make the full 3 million, maybe I’ll get 1million!  But I have little chance of making even $100,000 if I set a goal of $50,000. My intention is to have the 3 million by next year. That’s where I put my thoughts. I don’t go to a mindset of being realistic about how can I get that kind of money? That’s for the Universe to decide. When I declared I’d get 2 more book deals within a year of getting my first, people said it was impossible but I got that. It doesn’t matter what others think.

It’s your dreams and YOUR choice to expect colossally great things for your highest good.

I kept my number silent as others at the event when I wrote down 3 million as my goal since I had no desire to defend why I wrote it when people questioned such a big number or teased me or became naysayers. Only I needed to know the number!  No need to justify it to others. If everyone else preferred to keep their small, it was their business. Mine is to dream BIG.

Think about what you’d really like to have. How can you expand your dreams to give you something to rise up to, not keep you in the same basic place. Write it down. Consider how you might get it. Keep it in your thoughts. I wrote my number on a small hot pink card and put it in my wallet. Whenever I see the pink sticking up from my other cards, I smile, knowing my intention. It keeps it on my mind and lends energy to my wallet, for the money I want in it!

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