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Kids aren’t born with thoughts. They develop over time from what they hear from adults. Do you have your own kids or spend time with any? Be careful of your thoughts and the energy you have around them. Kids can feel your fears, doubts and prejudices. Their vibrations are shaped by adults. Many people take a do as I say, not as I do attitude. That doesn’t teach kids anything, except that it’s okay to be a hypocrite.

•    “Even if I’m scared, you don’t have to be.”
•    “I know I used bad words because I was mad but you should never use them.”
•    “Love yourself” as you put your own body down.
•    Telling them not to smoke as you inhale your cigarette.

Kids hear you worrying about money, doubting that good things will happen, expecting to not get the job you applied for or scared you won’t get the raise you need. Smiling after and telling them it’s all okay doesn’t change what they felt from your negative emotions. If they sense you’re scared, they get scared. If you worry about having enough money, they worry about having enough money. And it all becomes their vibration. It’s often unconscious as we grow into adulthood with those negative memories and beliefs.

If this vibration doesn’t change these kids grow into adults and attract the same problems as you.

When I was on Oprah, we talked about how parents are the main role models for most kids. If they see you being a people pleaser, they will probably become people pleasers too. If you put up with abuse, chances are your child will too. We come into this world with no preconceived notions. Everything is learned. Parents are most often the primary teachers. We may learn our ABCs in school but fear, guilt, doubt, insecurity, etc. is learned at home.

From an early age, kids create the vibrations to attract their realities, just as we do. It’s up to everyone who interacts with kids—parents, other relatives, neighbors, teachers, coaches, etc—to temper their own negative feelings when interacting with them. Kids do as you do, not as you say. And they get scared easily when they see an adult having troubles.

Beliefs get passed down from parent to child to their children.

While we can’t shelter kids from everything, we can do our best to protect them from our own emotional issues as much as possible. Reassurance helps but being more vigilant about keeping those negative emotions to yourself when the kids are around works better. And what works best is for you to work on keeping your own vibration positive. You’ll attract a lot more good stuff and also help kids generate their own positive vibrations to manifest things that will make them happy. If you monitor your own vibration, your kids will benefit greatly.

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