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We all get into a bad mood sometimes. Stuff happens. Bad news arrives. You have a fight with someone. You don’t feel well. Your job is stressing you out. And many other things! The problem with bad moods is that they trigger negative emotions and thoughts, unless you’re vigilant. These thoughts make you feel worse and attract other problems you don’t want and don’t realize that you’re manifesting.

Bad moods can trigger Murphy’s Law if your mood makes you begin to expect the roof to fall in or that you’ll never feel better.

You can honor your feelings about what bothers you without skewing everything going on in your life in a negative direction. But the truth is, the more you play thought police, the more you can catch those thoughts and stop them. The best action is to replace them with something positive., even if you don’t feel positive in that moment. Taking control of your thoughts gives you control over what’s going to happen next.

Lately an old health issue has cropped up for me that disrupts my sleep and makes me uncomfortable. I used to get annoyed when it happens, and still do sometimes. But at least 50% of the time, I catch myself and affirm how great I feel. I don’t mention the problem because that can attract more. I just affirm how terrific I feel and how soundly I’m sleeping. My mood has improved 1,000 percent! So has my energy level, despite not sleeping soundly.

I keep affirming that I’m feeling well. I truly know it will pass and am living like it already has. The bad mood I had when it started has vanished. I could go in all sorts of directions with the negative emotions I initially felt but I know that just makes me feel worse. While the issue is still there, I do feel fabulous, despite it!

A negative mood perpetuates more negative thoughts and expectations. The Law of Attraction responds by adding more negatives.

Why hurt yourself like that?! Be aware when those bad moods come. Your response to it is always your choice. No matter how you’ve responded to stress or illness or bad news in the past, right now is all that matters and you can take a positive track! The more positive emotions you can generate, the better you’ll feel. The better you feel, the more you’ll attract positives. I’m doing my best to stay on that positive track, despite what puts me into a bad mood.

Then the bad mood can go away, even if what caused it doesn’t right away. There’s a much better chance of getting past negative issues when you take that positive track.

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