I do believe in setting goals. They help guide you to achieving what you’d like. Having them can keep you focused. But too often we make the end results the only thing that matters. That limits your pleasure and discounts what happens on the path to reaching them. Every little thing you do on the way to making your goals a reality is valuable and could be enjoyed if you pay attention.

The journey is actually the most important part of your accomplishments!

Enjoy the process of what you go through to get what you want. I had a long journey out of DoorMatville. Some of it was tough; most of it rewarding. All of it was necessary to get where I am today. With each new little milestone—each time I said “no” to what I didn’t want or each toxic person I permanently walked away from or each little loving thing I did for me—my joy increased.

Quite frankly, I was in awe of myself at times. After thinking so poorly of who I was, it was amazing to actually almost watch myself taking empowering steps. I refer to my growth as my journey into self. As I looked inside and decided I was worth making happy, change began. I had to give myself pep talks and sometimes use all my energy to maintain the patience needed to wait for the bigger changes. I’m grateful that I realized from the beginning the importance of enjoying the journey.

Have fun as you go!

Don’t wait till the end of journey to appreciate what you did. All the steps you put into making a goal happen should be relished. I often hear people say versions of “I won’t be happy until I finish____.” They see getting to goals as a struggle and are so focused on getting the brass ring that they don’t enjoy riding the carousel. Life goes on and on. Reaching a goal doesn’t stop that.

If you see life as a journey and each milestone and goal achieved as highlights of the journey—instead of the whole enchilada—you can enjoy your whole life more.

I have wonderful things going on. I’m writing a book I believe in. But I’m not waiting until it’s finished to revel in it. I love every second of the writing and actually feel let down when a book is done. That can happen when a goal is accomplished. Knowing you can continue on the lovely journey of your life helps make every day special. I’ll keep writing books! The thrill of going after what you want can be even better than getting it. You don’t need to go after an end to feel satisfied. Every day is part of your process and should be enjoyed!

When you focus on enjoying every minute of every day, life feels better every day. Enjoy your whole journey and life will take on a much better tone.

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