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Yesterday in my post, Happy Birthday to Me, I talked about how many people see getting older as torture. I’ve heard people as young as 20 say, “I’m afraid of getting older.” So I ask why and hear that they expect life to be all downhill from here on. That attitude is such of waste of life! I’ve asked what they expect to happen. People expect their bodies to deteriorate, their hair to get thinner, professional opportunities will be career, etc. Whatever they have now, it will be worse.

All these expectations go out into the Universe and the Law of Attraction thinks you want that stuff and obliges you.

So you can actually attract all the negatives of aging that you expect. This is so counterproductive to being happy. I remember when one of those types of people warned me that by the time I reached 40 my eyes would start to get bad and I’d need glasses. I said, “No way!” And having passed that age, I still don’t need glasses, even for reading. But most people expect it and get the glasses. Yes, my body has some extra creaks and little things, but for the most part I expected to stay strong and healthy as I got older, and am.

Connie Fillmore “So-called aging is not the deterioration of life, but the deterioration of our faith, our enthusiasm, our will to progress.”

When you fear getting older, your faith takes a hit. Believing that life gets worse as the years pass makes life get worse. It’s a form of giving up. It’s hard to keep faith strong when you believe your worthiness is getting less and less with the passing of each year. It’s important to understand that this belief is your CHOICE, not your destiny. And when you CHOOSE to believe that getting older means losing your mojo and not being as good as when you were younger, the Law of Attraction makes it your truth.

I KNOW I’m better than ever and keep improving each year. Better and better and better! And I intend to continue getting better as each year I’m richer from the experiences of the year before. As Gloria Steinem said, “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” I still feel like a kid and I’m far from the age of one. But my head is happy and my heart is joyous and my beliefs are positive. Life is wonderful. I’m so much happier than many people I know who are much younger than me.

It’s a waste of your life to think you’re not as good as you were when you were younger!!

Why spend the rest of your life going downhill when you can do pretty much anything you choose. Life is a gift. You make of it what you believe. I’m definitely not in what many people would consider my prime, but, that doesn’t matter. I consider myself to be in my prime and I keep getting more into my prime instead of losing my good assets. It’s so much more fun to enjoy life every day, knowing that your age is what you make of it. The Law of Attraction responds and I feel great, look great and do anything I choose to.

Age has never stopped me because I don’t believe it should. Try to adopt this kind of attitude. You don’t change because you get older. You change because you expect to. If you can change that expectation, you’ll attract a life that’s so much better and let aging happen naturally, in peace.

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