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I switched my Internet and phone service recently and was very nervous about it. I work at home and my landline is critical to my business. After getting tons of reassurance from several higher ups at the company, I took the plunge. My Internet connection was good the first day. I was away the second. The third day I tried to check my answering machine while I was out and my line was busy. Turns out my phone was dead—on day 3 of service! And, my Internet connection, which was touted to be much faster than my old one, was so slow it took minutes for simple windows to open.

As I dealt with it, I realized that I’d been expecting trouble. My nervousness and need for reassurance said I expected problems, and I manifested them. Oh no I thought, I must change this! So in the height of my frantic calls to tech support, I took some deep breaths and affirmed, “Everything will work out okay.” After saying it a few times I felt calmer. I got someone quickly on my cell and she said to unplug the modem and then plug it in again. When I did it, my phone went on.

Panicking tells the Universe you expect trouble. Affirming, “Everything will work out okay” sets the tone for everything to work out okay.

Saying it instantly changed the dynamics of my emotions, and it’s your emotions that attract your outcomes. Feeling nervous, scared, worried, panicky, etc. are big negative emotions that pack a lot of fuel for attracting what you don’t want. Saying a calming positive affirmation like “Everything will work out okay” can override those emotions if you say it like you mean it. I’ve learned over time that it does work so when I think rationally in the midst of a barrage of negative emotions, and remind myself to affirm a positive, I do believe it.

You may have to try it a few times to see the amazing power of words like “Everything will work out okay” and see that it does work out.

I’ve used this type of affirmation to calm myself in many situations. For example, I recently went running in Central Park. I always try to hydrate well before leaving, especially when it’s warm, which it was. Sometimes it’s not enough. I found myself sweating more than usual and drank from my bottle of water. As I power walked home, I began to get funny stuff going on with my vision. I was almost 15 minutes form home if I power walked. It was a bit scary. And of course, when we get scared, other symptoms kick in from the stress.

I remembered something similar happening years ago and drinking a lot of water made it go away for good. But I only had a little left. And the last time I was home. Here I was walking the streets of Manhattan with vision that felt like someone splashed water into my eyes. I’d planned to stop at a store on the way home to buy something I really needed. It meant walking 7 extra blocks. Nerves convinced me to skip it. Then I caught myself and began repeating, “I’m okay. Everything will work out okay.” I headed to the store, sipping the water I had left. Shortly after my eyes were fine and it didn’t happen again.

Our words have so much power when we want them to!

Even when circumstances are going against you, take some deep breaths and affirm, “Everything will work out okay.” You have the power to change how you feel about what’s going on and that in turn attracts a positive resolution. Expect solutions to come! Then relax and show the Universe you do so the Law of Attraction can respond to that vibe.

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