I often meet people who feel beyond stuck. When you’re stuck you can at least try to get unstuck. These people see themselves as permanently fixed in how their lives are going and what they’re doing. Some have been trying for many years to reach their dreams and have given up. Others have just realized what they’d really like to do and wish they’d gone for it when they were young. All of them believe it’s too late for them to go after what they want.

When you settle for your present circumstance because you believe it’s too late to do what you’d love, you end up living with regret instead of joy.

That’s not fair to you since it doesn’t have to be true! It’s NEVER too late to grow into the person you were meant to be or to go after your dreams. I was a schoolteacher for many years. It was not my choice of profession but I married a teacher when I’d just graduated at 20 years old and was told by everyone that I must teach too. I didn’t want to! But as a good DoorMat, I did what I was told.  When I got divorced in my 30’s, I longed to have a career I loved but was told it was too late for me. I was too old!

At this point I loved myself more and was tired of holding myself back by listening to others. I recognized that others don’t hold you back. YOU hold yourself back by following what others say.  I was so bored and unhappy, I knew I had to just bust through the belief that it was too late for me to follow my passions. Today people who know me can’t believe that I haven’t been a writer and speaker my whole adult life since I reinvented myself into such a successful career.

It’s NEVER too late to change your life for the better unless YOU decide it is.

It doesn’t matter what others say if you refuse to believe it as your truth. I encountered nay sayers at every turn but refused to listen.  By then I loved myself enough to make my own decisions. I’d bet that 99% of people who say it’s too late for you to do something are frustrated at not being able to do what they wanted and now have a cynical attitude. Ignore them, unless you want to give up without an effort.

We can have many obstacles to get past when making a change or going after a dream. Believing that it’s too late for you should not be one of them. That’s your choice!

September 19th is my birthday. Unlike many women my age, I’m looking forward to it. It doesn’t mark another year closer to my inability to do what I’d like. It’s just a celebration of me! Now I know that I can do anything I choose, no matter how old I get. I actually feel that I’m still in the infancy of my potential and will move forward to get where I want to go, despite people my age tending to be where they’ll end up. I don’t care! I choose to be happy and that means doing what I love.

Think about what you might believe it’s too late for you to do or accomplish. People climb their first mountain in their eighties and start their own businesses in their sixties. They don’t worry what people think. I meet people a lot younger than me who say it’s too late for them to start running. I only started 5 years ago and love knowing how well I do. Yes, older people can be up against young go-getters when trying to get a new job, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one that will appreciate you.

The only time it’s too late for you is when you decide it is! You have the power to make your age a non-issue by choosing to make it a non-issue.  You’ll have a much more satisfying life when you do.

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