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Last week the media scared many of us with serious warnings about impending gloom and doom from hurricane Irene hitting NYC head on. Some made it sound like NYC would be washed, or blown, away. On Friday the mayor began evacuations. He announced all public transportation would be closed at noon on Saturday. It all sounded downright scary!

People were panicking. My doorman said that people in my building were leaving in droves. Goodness knows where they’d go since the storm was so big they’d have to go many hundreds of miles to avoid it. The supermarket was packed on Friday. Everyone rushed out to buy supplies as if we’d have to hunker down for weeks. A man behind me in the store said he never thought he’d buy water but wanted to be prepared. I asked why he didn’t just start saving water form his sink before the storm came. He didn’t know.

Fear can trigger irrational thoughts and actions and tell the Universe you expect the bad things you hear on the news.

Several people invited me to ride the storm out in their homes so I wouldn’t be alone through the “horrible ordeal” and might be safer. They didn’t understand why I said I wasn’t worried and I wouldn’t be alone. I knew God would be with me. And I had a very strong belief that my city would come through the hurricane fine. VERY strong! While people scurried around in fear, I was calm. Every time I heard the dire predictions and I kept saying, “NO!” I refused to change my belief that the storm would weaken and not create havoc when it got to me.

Friday night I went to Central Park. I always feel the most spiritually connected when I’m in nature and I wanted to commune with God. It was quiet but safe. I walked along, affirming that I was expecting a miracle as big as hurricane Irene for the storm to ease when it arrived. I did tapping (EFT) on it like I talked about in my post, Fueling the Law of Attraction with EFT and my posts that whole week. I kept thanking God for supporting my belief. A friend from the west coast called that night. After we had a long conversation, she said she couldn’t believe I hadn’t brought up Irene. Why should I give thoughts about the hurricane more energy? I talked about it as little as possible. The more you talk about something you don’t want, the more you attract it!

It doesn’t matter what it looks like. What matters is what happens.

I repeated that I didn’t care how bad the storm looked. I believed with all my heart that it would arrive with the best case scenario. And it was for me and my loved ones! We were warned if we lived on a floor above 9, we should evacuate. I do but stayed in faith. There was very little wind outside my apartment. In the morning, it was like a normal rainy day. While many people weren’t as lucky, my area had the best case scenario. My strong belief carried me though.

I wish I could believe away bad stuff for everyone. Sometimes friends call me and ask if I’d attract good things for them. It doesn’t work that way. YOU have to do it for yourself. As faith gets stronger and you see it work for you, your beliefs will improve. I didn’t care how big and strong the hurricane was. I solidly believed it wouldn’t hurt me. Unfortunately, most people were expecting it to hit hard and it did to many. We all have a choice about where our thoughts go.

It would be a wonderful world if everyone could change their beliefs together to add more power to positive outcomes. For now, work on your own beliefs. The more positive you can make them, the more positive your little piece of the world will be.

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