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DoorMats don’t think they deserve too much. When I lived in DoorMatville, I mainly took what I got and didn’t ask for much. Even as I got stronger, I still had ingrained beliefs that I should be happy with what I got. As I evolved spiritually, my old habits kept me from asking God for more than one thing as a time. I’d been taught to not be a greedy girl and thought that also meant not trying to manifest too much at one time. How wrong I was!

The more you ask for, the more you get from every direction. But for me, asking for a lot conflicted with not wanting to be greedy, which seemed like a big negative. For years I held myself back form manifesting the riches of life since i was a good girl and thought I should just ask for a little. I became enlightened when I read Prayer of Jabez by Dr. Bruce Wilkinson, a little book that packs a big spiritual punch. It explains a 4-line prayer from the bible. The first line woke me up:

“Oh, that you would bless me indeed.”

Dr. Wilkinson explains that indeed means that God wants me to ask for a lot! When I read the explanation—that God wants us to ask for as much as we want, including miracles, and not limit our desires—I was incredulous! Up until then I limited what I expected to manifest. If I was trying to manifest more money, I felt like a pig also asking for good weather on the weekend or for other things I wanted. I realized that my belief that asking for too much was limiting what I got since the Law of Attraction only supports us in our expectations.

One thing at a time seemed the way it should be. But that was before I read, “Oh, that you would bless me indeed.”

I realized that asking for one thing at a time told God that was all I wanted or thought I deserved. Our thoughts attract what we get. If you only think you deserve a little, that’s what you’ll attract! So I began asking for more, and more came. It reinforced that I deserved to be fulfilled in all areas of my life. I don’t have to pick and choose what my desires should be. God wants me to have it all!

YOU can ask for everything! Of course you have to believe you deserve it and put the emotion into your desires.

But don’t limit yourself or be afraid to think too big. If you ask for a lot, the worst that can happen is you get less than you asked for. If you ask for a little, you’re guaranteed to just get a little. I’ve has so many miracles because I asked for them. I mean HUGE ones, things people thought I was crazy to expect. But, I got them because I know I’m worthy and let the Universe know that.

Think big when you put on your manifesting cap. Be greedy! Not the selfish kind of greedy that takes at the expense of other people. But put out what you want for you without boundaries. Love yourself enough to allow yourself to feel worthy of all the good you can attract.

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