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Do you ever feel like just when you’re happy and things are going well, something happens to ruin it? I used to ask why every time I felt happy, a happiness buster stomped it out. It felt like God was out to get me, that He didn’t want me to be happy. My refrain was often, “Things always go wrong.” Back then I didn’t understand how the Law of Attraction works. Yet without me realizing it, my words were picked up—“Things always go wrong.”—and made it them true. I blamed God but my words were responsible.

This refrain is common. Someone often tells me that it feels like every time he or she is happy and life feels like it’s going well, the happy stuff falls apart or turns out rotten. I remember when I got to the point that I was almost afraid of being happy and hear that from others too. We often don’t recognize that saying “Things always go wrong.” makes things go wrong. The Law of Attractions doesn’t distinguish between what you really want and what you’re thinking. It just takes you literally.

When you’re immersed in frustration and anger and other negative emotions, it’s hard to see how your words and thoughts bring you what you don’t want.

Even being very spiritual I can still get caught up in old patterns when I get several things go wrong. Those negative emotions can take over your thoughts if they did earlier in your life. It happened to me when memories of things that meant a lot to me which had fallen apart unexpectedly reminded me that whenever something really special was about to happen for me, it felt as though things always went wrong.

I remember when I had my record label, I had some exciting deals offered and each time something tanked them in ways that shouldn’t have happened. My lawyer at the time, who was also a friend, told me several times that she’s never seen anyone have so much bad luck. She joked that I must be jinxed. I couldn’t laugh and that thought became my belief. I had at least 4 huge opportunities that were definite, with contracts about to be signed, fall through. Back then I didn’t understand how the Law of Attraction works.

Expecting things to go wrong makes them go wrong!

Even though now I know those thoughts create my reality, I sometimes still can’t help thinking them and expecting my wonderful opportunities to fall through. But now I know I must counter them with faith. To this day, when a huge opportunity presents itself, I initially still remember how everything has gone wrong in the past when I had similar opportunities and wait for it to fall through or screw up. But now I fight back and ask God for help changing this mindset. I get it!

The other day something very big for my career was going on and I was very excited about it. Then a HUGE glitch happened. I was very upset about it not working out, which would have been bad for me. I released the situation to God and tried to stay positive about it working out. Suddenly I got an email with a subject header God Is With You and video with that title. I watched and it was a reminder of God on my side. It came out of nowhere from a mailing list I’m not on. I knew it was sent as a sign!

When we ask for spiritual support it usually comes through an experience. It’s important to recognize it.

I felt better and went for a run to clear my head but the old tape began to play as I thought about the very bad consequence my situation could have. I knew I shouldn’t dwell on that as it’s what I’d attract. Then I reminded myself that my strong faith would carry me through if I let it. As I ran I affirmed, “My faith is stronger than those negative old messages!” I said it over and over and over until it overpowered thoughts that “things always go wrong.” By the time I finished the run the thought was gone and I felt very positive.

Next time you find yourself going to a dark place of ” things always go wrong,” try to catch yourself. Tell God that you hate feeling that way and would appreciate support in getting past it. Make your faith stronger than your doubts. You can by releasing your problems to the Universe to work out fine.  I felt so good when I returned from my run and knew I’d conquered my biggest block to manifesting—me! Two days later I got word that all was well with my big opportunity.

It’s your choice to allow or to stop those “things always go wrong” refrains that keep things going wrong. Stop them with positive affirmations. Then you’re working for your good instead of against it, and the Law of Attraction can also work for your highest good.

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