Today rounds up my series on EFT, known as Tapping. It began with EFT Practitioner Lillian Moore explaining the basics of Emotional Freedom Technique,  and my post, Law of Attraction in Action: Fueling the Law of Attraction with EFT showed how it can release resistance for getting what you want. On Wednesday and Thursday I had an interview with Margaret M. Lynch, a Success Coach, speaker and recognized worldwide as a top EFT/Tapping Expert, Part 1 and Part 2.

Today I’ll sum it up a bit and encourage you to try Tapping to free yourself from emotional baggage and get more of what you want, and better health.

While there are people certified in doing EFT, like Margaret M. Lynch, and they can take you further using it, you can still get great results on your own, like I have. The benefits can be profound. I had an imbalance in my endocrine system that wasn’t serious but, it interfered with my sleep and made me uncomfortable often. Doctors pooh-poohed me, saying it wasn’t serious. They had no compassion about how awful it is to not sleep well and feel wired for no reason. After really giving it a lot of thought when I learned EFT, I remembered a traumatic situation in my past that could have unresolved the emotions that created my problem. I’d stuffed the memories away but had never worked through the pain I’d experienced.

So I tapped it out—telling the story of what happened many years ago as I went round and round from point to point. You can do that—literally tell what happened to you in the past that created strong negative emotions that you squashed away deep down. Those emotions could be causing your current resistance. I did it many times, reliving what happened and how I felt. The pain came up as I tapped. I cried and sometimes shouted the words. But when I stopped, I began to feel more peaceful about the incident. Right after, I “accidentally” heard about a wonderful integrative doctor. I looked at his website and went to see him.

He put me on natural supplements that helped me get into balance. I truly believe the tapping got me ready to get help and that’s why the doctor’s name came to me.

You can do some tapping in a few minutes. There are loads of videos to watch and follow along with for specific problems. You can also do positive tapping. Once you’ve cleared some negatives, tap for what you want. There are many good ones for making more money, losing weight, attracting healthy relationships, improving your health and more. I shall share them in future posts.

Watching Margaret M. Lynch’s free Tapping videos have greatly helped me to understand how to identify past beliefs and painful memories in order to tap them out so I could manifest positive desires. For example, money is probably the biggest thing we tap for. I always have enough but wondered why I hadn’t been able to break through that ceiling. I never worry about money. My parents did. My mom had gone from well off to dirt poor as a young girl and she was always scared of not having enough money saved. Because of that she was very frugal. I grew up vowing not to be.

So I thought I was doing well, which on some levels I was. But, looking back on how I felt about money as a child, Margaret helped me realize that I was so focused on not worrying about money, and knowing I had enough to pay my bills and for what I needed, I got myself stuck in a place of having just enough. All my energy went into not being scared and manifesting enough. That kept me from focusing on manifesting wealth—more than enough! Tapping on that has opened many doors for me already. I do want A LOT more money and intend to get it!

I highly recommend that you give EFT a try. Find a topic to tap for on YouTube and follow along with the person. Since everyone’s situations is different use your own words when you can. The person doing it usually talks about the most common emotions around the topic, but yours might be a little different. It can’t hurt you if you say a few things that don’t apply to you but you’ll get the most out of it if you fill in your own emotions. I’ll occasionally post a good video to help you along. Below is Margaret M. Lynch’s video on Tapping for Miracles. It’s one of my favorites!



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