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I heard from many people in response to my Law of Attraction in Action post on Subtle Cheating.  Many people thought about what I said and realized that some of their actions could tell they Universe they needed to cut corners because they felt lack. I used to go into the same stores whenever I could and get the same samples of products I like to avoid having to buy them.

Consciousness made me realize that I was telling the Universe I couldn’t afford to buy them—a mindset of LACK!

So much of our behavior is habits. You do things the way you’re used to and often don’t think before acting. You come home and put your jacket in the same place, check your messages and other things that become like rituals done automatically. You also might automatically get angry with someone who regularly annoys you or worry about bills as you open the mail or always look for ways to get over on people to save you time or money.

Positive or negative, the Law of Attraction picks up on what you do and you attract accordingly.

When I began to live by the Law of Attraction, I became more conscious of my behavior. What was the more subtle message behind what I did? Was I sending the wrong idea to the Universe? Often I was. I’ve always been budget-conscious but some of my habits sent out fear of not having enough money. When I found something with a very expired expiration date in the back of a cabinet, I’d use it anyway.

Why waste money throwing it out? Because I love me and want to only use good products!

I can afford to waste an occasional product rather than not use something that I know is good. I want to tell the Universe I’m not scared of not having enough money! So I’ve been much more conscious of analyzing what my actions will attract. Pay attention to what you do automatically. You might be surprised at some of the things you do that attract what you don’t want. Slowly clean your habit house—your normal response to situations and behavior you regularly engage in. Make room to attract more blessings!

Do you negate compliments so people won’t think you’re vain? Does change rattle you for no reason? Do you say “no problem” to requests when it is a problem? And the big one, do you automatically say “yes” when to anything asked of you? Be more conscious of the actions you take automatically. These become so ingrained that we often don’t realize what we’re doing. Awareness allows you to change your behavior and send a stronger message to the Universe.

Do or say what feels good to you, not what others expect or actions based on fear or the desire to be liked.

When you change your actions you change the message you send and it can help you attract more of what you want. Thinking before you say “yes” says you deserve to get more of what YOU want. Using products that are good for you or that make you smile shows the Universe that you want to give yourself love. Often these automatic actions aren’t what you want, they’re just doing something the way you always have. But you can change automatic responses and actions by thinking first and asking, “What’s best for me?” Then the Law of Attraction supports you in getting what’s best for your highest good.

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