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Terrorism is in the news again. The raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound uncovered a plot to sabotage the tracks on the NYC subway system. Listening to the news we hear about error plots, hate, stepping up security and other words/concepts that can spread fear. Living in NYC we probably hear it more, since my city seems to be the biggest target that terrorists want to hit. All of this terrorism talk can scare a girl if she allows it to happen!

Am I scared? Not a bit!

It’s my choice to let fear affect me or to trust that I’ll be okay, no matter how scary the warnings sound. And it’s your choice to let the terrorism messages scare you or to trust that you’ll be okay. Of course some of the reports can sound scary. I sometimes react when I hear them and feel ouch, that’s awful to think about. But instead of worrying, I STOP THINKING ABOUT IT! Since our thoughts, and the emotions behind them, determine our reality, I try not to think about the possibility of a terrorist plot in my city and affirm that I’m safe.

Believing that I’m safe, no matter what the news says, keeps me safe. Believing that you’re safe, no matter what the news says, keeps YOU safe.

You have to believe on an emotional level. Saying, “I know I’m safe” while you worry on the inside doesn’t support your safety. You truly must believe it. Strong faith helps you do that. I truly believe that God is watching out for me because I expect him to. So the Law of Attraction helps me attract safety. When you believe—on an emotional level—that God or whatever higher power you believe in will keep you safe, life is good.

You’re as safe as you think you are!

I know people who moved out of NYC because they were scared. That’s their choice. I choose to stay here, and I live in the heart of a targeted area—near the UN and the Citicorp building. I know I’m safe. Fear hurts you when you let it. But you can CHOOSE to not buy into the fear—the “what ifs?” of what might happen IF the terrorists strike. I can’t say that they won’t ever strike NY but I do believe I won’t be nearby or hurt IF it happens.

Living in fear hurts your whole life, your health and can attract negatives that might otherwise not come to you.

Here’s how I combat the fear messages. When the news reports go on and on about possibilities, I change the channel. I rarely read articles about terrorist activities. There’s no worth in listening to what might happen, over and over. There are certain reporters who find positive aspects and look for improvement so I listen to them more. And I affirm from my heart that I’m safe.

Don’t let terrorist threats get to you. It’s not worth the aggravation it causes and attracts to you.

Have faith in your being safe. Put yourself into the hands of your higher power. It’s been 10 years since 9/11. If you let fear after that stay with you, you hurt 10 years of your life. When you live from moment to moment instead of projecting ahead, fears can’t germinate into terror. Relax and enjoy each day in faith.

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