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Friday was May 13th. I heard people expressing worry about what might happen. Friday the 13th is “supposed to” be a day for bad luck. People avoid walking under a ladder because that’s also “supposed to” bring bad luck. I laugh every time I watch Rachael Ray use salt and throw a little over her shoulder for good luck. People carry around pennies they find since it’s also “supposed to” bring good luck.

Superstitions can put expectations in your head that the Law of Attraction picks up on and makes true, simply because it was in your thoughts.

It’s logical. If it’s Friday the 13th and you walk around expecting bad things to happen, they probably will, since the Law of Attraction brings what you expect. If your nervousness creates anxious emotions about what bad things could happen to you, your vibration attracts negatives. Then you attribute it to the bad luck that Friday the 13th, or walking under a ladder brings, instead of understanding that your expectation attracted it.

I remember hearing about the perils of Friday the 13th when I was in elementary school, maybe 10 years old. I knew nothing about the Law of Attraction but thought it was silly to worry about that day. So in my childlike naïveté, I decided that contrary to superstition, this day would bring me lots of good luck. I went to school with that belief and remember having a fantastic day! I was chosen to represent my class on stage during a music demonstration, which I’d always wanted to do. My teacher gave out prizes for a contest and I got the top one. All day long I felt like I was under a lucky star!

The Law of Attraction brought me the good luck I decided would come. I went to school expecting wonderful things and attracted them!

When you find a penny, pick it up, put it in your pocket to attract good luck, you’re sending the message that you expect good luck and are more likely to get some. Pennies don’t attract good things and walking under a ladder doesn’t make you have bad luck. Your expectations of having good luck from keeping a rabbit’s foot or a penny you found in your pocket, or having bad luck from walking under a ladder or breaking a mirror are what make your luck good or bad.

I always expect good luck on Friday the 13th and it’s usually a good day. It’s YOUR choice to let superstitions affect you negatively. YOU control whether they have meaning with your expectations. Turn the negative ones around by declaring they will bring you good luck, and mean it! When I was in school I had a teeny troll doll that I believed brought me good luck. I HAD TO have them with me when I took a test. When I’d get nervous I’d rub it’s belly for good luck and always know I’d do okay.

Believing that troll was my good luck charm gave me confidence that I’d do well, and I did. But it wasn’t the troll, it was my expectations! Change your expectations about what old superstitions can bring and allow yourself to attract more good luck.

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