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Years ago I read a book that talked about how everyone who came into our lives reflected something in our thoughts and beliefs. The book was about attracting good relationships and why we attract romantic partners who aren’t good for us. I’d just broken up with a boyfriend who drove me crazy in many ways. As I read about how people in my life mirror something about me, I was stymied about my ex since I saw us as polar opposites.

He was anal about being perfect. I’m a kinda hang loose girl. He was critical and looked for things to pick on me about. I try to have tolerance for others. He had little appreciation for the good in his life and was always trying to improve—get his amazing body into even more amazing shape, needing to make more money, etc. I count my blessings. He wasn’t happy because of his ways. I am. Yet we were together for quite a while. It’s not always easy to recognize what someone is reflecting about you.

You can learn a lot about yourself by making the effort to see what people and situations are mirroring about you.

I did when I tried to figure out what my ex reflected about me. He criticized things I was insecure about but didn’t make an effort to change and minimized. I defended my habits as my sweets quirks, my messiness as the way I like to be, my refusal to exercise as being just not my thing. But deep down in my subconscious, I did want to change. I just felt stuck. The subconscious tells the truth. You might put what you want out to the Universe but the Law of Attraction will pick up on those thoughts beneath the surface that you’re probably not aware of—doubt, fear, believing any romantic partner is better than nothing, feeling safer where you are, etc.

Looking at your reflection a mirror ou pass or in the mirror of what others reflect about you can provide clues and guidance about what you really need to do or focus your thoughts on.

Are you affirming being happy yet walking around with a grumpy expression? Peek at yourself in a mirror when you’re out and see what mood you actually exude, despite what you affirm. Force a smile if you want to be happy. You’ll get used to it! If you want healthy people in your life, reflect the kind you want to attract by making yourself as healthy—both physically and mentally—as you can. If you don’t like negativity, avoid saying and doing negative things.

People often ask why they keep attracting alcoholics or critics or liars or gold diggers or people who use them, etc. Or they wonder why they always end up the one people dump on at work, or things keep breaking at home, or they keep getting ill, etc. They assume they have bad luck or it’s an unfortunate coincidence. It’s not! You attract it all. Deep down it may reflect what you think you deserve or it’s behavior you’re used to so it seems safer, even if it’s negative.

Every person who comes into your life and every situation that occurs is a reflection of something about you and your thoughts.

I agree that if you keep assuming you have bad luck, you will attract more. But it’s not about good or bad luck. Your thoughts are being reflected in what you get. If you don’t love yourself it reflects in the people you attract. If you don’t feel confident about your ability to do the job you’re going after, it reflects in your attitude and will keep you from getting the job.

Look deep into your subconscious to see what’s reflecting in things you don’t like.

When I dug deep to see what the ex I mentioned above reflected in me, it was a big awakening. I’d been so stuck in old habits that I couldn’t see how much I didn’t like them. I didn’t like having so much clutter! And I do love to exercise but needed to find MY way, not his. The more I looked for what he reflected, the more I learned about me. I’m a better person for it! Fortunately, I also recognized that staying with this guy reflected my need for some of the goodies I got from him and that wasn’t the right reason to be in a relationship. So the first clutter I got rid of was him!

Pay some attention to what people or situations you don’t like might be reflecting about you.

People and situations that make you happy reflect your good stuff. Those that trigger negative emotions reflect things you haven’t resolved that are still in your subconscious, even if you’re not aware of it because you’re trying so hard to put on a happy face or avoid facing things. Until you resolve them, they stick with you and sabotage manifesting. When your inner thoughts reflect what you truly want, and you clean out the negative ones, the Law of Attraction will support meeting the kind of people you truly want in your life.

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