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You might want something really bad: a promotion at work, marriage, a move to a new city, etc. Really bad! But, no matter what you do it doesn’t come. You pray, affirm and try to get the emotion needed to manifest, but still, nothing. At that point, it’s good to look inside and see if you believe in yourself enough to make it happen. Most people say they want big success, yet many never get it. It can get frustrating!

The factor missing in many people is a strong belief that they deserve or can handle getting what they say they want.

If you feel bad about yourself, it’s hard to succeed. If you question your ability to do a job because you’ve had failures in the past, or make a relationship work because all of yours have tanked so far, or other people question whether you can handle moving or other responsibilities, belief in yourself waivers. And that’s what the law of Attraction picks up on. So manifesting is not just about wanting something. You also need to believe you deserve it or can handle the results you get.

Dreaming and wishing and wanting feels good. But even if you’re not aware of it, deep down you might be worried about actually getting what you say you want. It’s important to make sure you’re ready for it before you put it out to the Universe, or the message might be tainted by the doubts you feel. The actual doing of something can be scary. You may question yourself:

•    Can I handle a lot more responsibility at work?
•    Am I ready for a romantic relationship?
•    Can I manage lots of big changes?
•    Am I smart enough to do the job?

All of those concerns tell the Law of Attraction to hold off on supporting you in getting it. When I was a DoorMat, I felt worthless and questioned my ability to do everything beyond my little world. I was sure no man would want me if I left my marriage and doubtful of my capability to develop a career I loved. After all, worthless people weren’t good for much! So I put out what I wanted and blocked it all from coming by my lack of belief in me and my capacity to be good at anything.

William James said, “Believe and your belief will create the fact.”

As I did small things well and took baby steps forward, my belief in me increased. Developing faith escalated my belief. Now I know that I can do anything I choose because I have the spiritual support I need. In my DoorMat days I didn’t understand how the Law of Attraction worked. I just knew I never got what I wanted, and probably never would, and believed that people like me got nothing. But eventually I learned that I had the power to change my thoughts and manifest my desires.

Today my belief in me is solid! I truly know that what I seek I shall find. Faith allows me to relax about when it all comes together, but I do know it will come. The more I believe in me the more I manifest. It fuels the emotions needed to create the vibration. If you’re not manifesting, ask yourself these questions:

•    Do I think I deserve to get it?
•    Do I feel like I can step comfortably into the job?
•    Am I worried that I’ll mess up like my dad predicted?
•    Do I feel like an imposter: someone who really isn’t as good as my façade makes me out to be?

Work on changing those thoughts if your answers are negative! Write down why you’re worthy. If necessary, take a class to boost your skills and make you feel more capable. Find a mentor to go over things with. It can take time but you can begin to believe in yourself more by overcoming those messages. Affirm as often as you can, “I believe in me!” Even if It’s not true at first, force some emotion as you say it. Repeating it over and over can help it sink in. And the more emotion you feel, the more it tells the Law of Attraction that you’re ready.

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