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When I was a kid, I used to love the Rolling Stone’s song, Satisfaction. I’d laugh and sing along with the words out loud. Back then I had no idea about the message I sent to the Universe. “I can’t get no satisfaction!” To this day I’m somewhere and the song comes on, I’ll sing along. But I’m more sensitive about saying it with too much emotion as the Law of Attraction doesn’t judge and decide what to support and what’s just playing around. I think the song resonates so much because so many people are really not satisfied with how their lives are going.

And what does dissatisfaction attract? More dissatisfaction!

If you’re not feeling satisfied with your life and what you have right now, depending on others won’t increase satisfaction. Or will buying more stuff. Dissatisfaction creates negative emotions, which creates negative thoughts that attract more dissatisfaction. I hear people saying things like:
•    “Things never go the way I want them to.”
•    “Why do other people always get more?”
•    “Why doesn’t my romantic partner live up to my expectations?”
•    “When will my life become happy?

All of those thoughts keep you from being satisfied. Focus on being content with who you are, with your life. Find the things you have that are good and allow them to trigger happy feelings. Negative thoughts attract negative; joyous thoughts attract satisfaction. You don’t have to have perfection in your life to be satisfied. When I was a DoorMat I couldn’t imagine being satisfied since I felt so imperfect. As I began to love myself more, I realized that I don’t need perfection to be satisfied.

I’m at peace with my life and feel happy, despite what I don’t have yet or wish I did. I accept me now, flaws and all and no longer play the “wouldn’t it be nice if…?” game. When you do, you often lose, because you focus on what you don’t have instead of what you do. I’d certainly enjoy being thinner and having more money and being much younger  if the wish fairy could make it happen. But, I’m happy with who I am and what I have right now.

When you find the joy in your life that’s there already, and appreciate it, you attract more things that will satisfy you.

The more satisfaction you feel with your present circumstances, the more joy you’ll feel. The more joy you feel, the more satisfaction that will be attracted. The more satisfaction you attract, the more you’ll feel and the better your quality of life will be. And, the more satisfaction you’ll attract. As you allow yourself to feel satisfied with life as it is, the faster your contentment with life will grow. Focus on what does work instead of what doesn’t. That creates the emotion needed to attract more good stuff!

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