Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for HowDoILoveMeCover.jpgThis tip may seem odd to you. How can clearing your sink every day say, “I love me”? It might not for everyone but many of us haven’t been in the habit of washing dishes in a timely fashion and putting them away shortly after. When I was a DoorMat, I left dishes in the sink for days, or at least all day. My dish drain was always full since I rarely put them away. After all, I’d need most again so why bother?

I think that being messy was one of the few was I could rebel back then. When I was married, my husband did very little to help with cleaning and chores, though we both taught school and came home at the same time. I had major resentment and stopped doing a lot of things I didn’t consider essential. I’d wash the dishes when I felt like it and leave things laying around. It reflected my lack of caring about my self-image in general.

DoorMats feel out of control. Taking control of a bad habit says, “I love me.”

When I moved out on my own and my self-love grew, I became conscious of dirty dishes in the sink. The more effort I made to wash them in a timely manner, the better I felt. One night I went into the kitchen and the dish drain was full. It was a habit to leave everything but I put everything away and it felt wonderful. In the morning I found myself smiling at the empty dish drain. I vowed to make an effort to make sure everything is away before I go to sleep.

There have been nights when I was tired and looked at the dishes thinking they could wait till morning. But control usually kicked in and I reminded myself it doesn’t take long. I ALWAYS smile after I do it, which says, “I love me.” It’s uncanny. I’m tired, try to convince myself it’s okay to leave the dishes, and then I wash or put them away. Then a warm feeling of joy comes over me!

Every time you do something to improve the quality of your life, and I consider a clean kitchen to be in that category, it makes you feel good.

So whether it’s washing dishes or putting them away or folding and storing your laundry or any other little task you’ve slacked on in the past, take control and get it done. The more you take control, the better you’ll feel. Say, “I’m ________ because I love me!”

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