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This is post 121 in my series on the Law of Attraction in Action. You CAN use your power to attract all that you need. I do it every day! Read all the posts in my Law of Attraction in Action Series to see how.

Self-love means loving yourself. It doesn’t mean loving the parts you find acceptable and disliking, or even hating, what you’d like to change. So many people, especially women, believe they do love themselves but then apologize for their bodies or act ashamed or scornful about parts of it. Self-love includes self-acceptance, not just acceptance of some parts of self.

There is a big difference between self-acceptance and accepting every part of you as not needing improvement.  

You don’t have to be happy with every inch of your body to love and accept it. I don’t like my cellulite. My flabby thighs are from my family genes. No matter how much I exercise, they’ll never be slim and firm without a doc sucking it out, which I’m not prepared to do. My tummy isn’t as flat as I’d like either and I’d look better if I lost some weight. And, I’m getting older and see lines I’m not wild about. But, I’m still fine with me as I am now! None of this takes away from the unconditional self-love I feel.

Stressing out over how your body looks sends a message that you disapprove of you. That isn’t loving to you and attracts more unloving situations.

I hear few people say they’re happy with how they look. Curvy women often seem to be trying to lose weight and thin women complain they have no curves. Men complain they don’t have enough definition or can’t get rid of their pot belly. Yet these people all have wonderful qualities they overlook because of their disdain for something about their bodies. All the plastic surgery and body tweaking going on for celebrities sets standards that the average person can’t attain.

Instead of accepting it, we lament over the flaws we see or the weight we can’t seem to lose.

This is negative energy! Unconditional self-love means loving all of you, despite your flaws. It’s fine to want to do what you can to look your best. I sure do! I run and do weight training and try to eat healthy. But, it’s to be as fit and healthy as possible, not to look perfect. It’s loving to want to feel as good as possible. It’s not loving to postpone self-acceptance until your body is as perfect as you imagine it could be. I’ll tell you a secret:

When you do want to lose excess weight, lovingly proclaim an intention to do it to improve your health because you love yourself. Relax. Eat healthy and exercise.

When you’re loving, relaxed and happy in your intention to get more fit, instead of critical of your body and stressed about taking weight off, it comes off much easier. This sends a loving message to the Universe and you get much better support in taking off weight. Crazy diets and deprivation send the counter-message–that you don’t love yourself enough to be kinder to your body.

Self-acceptance attracts more things to feel good about.

When I gained quite a bit of weight from a health problem, I still loved my body. I didn’t like the extra rolls, but overall I loved my body as part of me. When I felt better, I declared my intention to take off the weight I’d gained. I did it slowly, so as not to hurt my body. I kept saying thanks for support to have enough will power not to eat sweets and to get out and exercise when I didn’t feel like it. Showing I was serious about taking care of my body helped the weight come off.

Dieting to lose weight didn’t work for me. Lovingly taking care of my body helped me lose all the weight I wanted. I truly believe the Law of Attraction supported me.

Next time you catch yourself being critical of your body, give yourself a loving hug. Affirm, “I love and accept myself as I am right now.” Coming from a place of self-love enables you to get the support you need to improve the fitness of your body. Unconditional love attracts so much more to love. Don’t sabotage your happiness by feeling angry or disgust or any of the other emotions people feel when they don’t look the way they’d like to. Loving yourself right now is a much better place to manifest from!

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