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I recently told someone about a project I wanted to make happen. I’d done a lot to get it but it just wouldn’t happen. After one roadblock after another, I got disgusted. When someone who was doing the website for it bailed after I’d waited for 2 weeks for what he promised, I felt there was nothing more I could do. Perhaps I had to wait for a better time to embark on it. At first I decided to just quit–give up–accept it wasn’t for me. But I caught myself from putting out that decision, since it would be the end of getting the results I wanted.

Instead, I decided I to let go of my timeline for it. If it were meant to be, I’d attract the right people. Otherwise, I’d leave it alone.

As I related this, she said, “So, you’re giving up.” No, I explained, I wasn’t giving up. I was letting go of it. I’d done all I could and now it was up to the Universe to support it coming to pass. It might be the wrong time or a piece might be missing that I’d find later on. She laughed, saying it was a copout to say that. She accused me of giving my choice a spiritual spin to avoid feeling like a quitter. She just didn’t get it!

Giving up is closing the door on what you want. Letting go is knowing that if what you want is meant to be, it will happen without you pushing if you’ve done what you can.

I didn’t give up. I do know that God doesn’t want me to struggle or overwork myself. I’d done what I could. Tried my best. My desire was there. Actions had been taken and I was tired of pushing to make it work on my timeline. If it was meant to be it would be. So I chose to stop pushing and see if the Law of Attraction would send what I needed. That night I went to a spiritual event and shared what was going on.

I mentioned my decision and why I’d decided to let go. A guy attending heard and offered to help me get the website done. And the next morning I met someone else who encouraged me to go forward and offered help. Letting go helped me get it back! It didn’t mean I quit. Instead, I surrendered the timing and direction of what I wanted to happen in the way that was for my highest good.

Letting go in faith can give you more control over your life than trying to force something to happen and getting frustrated when your efforts seem to fail.

Those frustrations create negative emotions, which create a negative vibration for what you attract. Instead I let go, knowing that it would happen without my doing further work if it was meant to be. We attract the most when our emotions are very positive. Relaxing in letting go shows faith, not failure. I actually consider letting go as one of the ultimate demonstrations of faith.

Everything fell into place. My project was the self-love initiative I recently launched. I love the website that Fredy Mfuko created for me. Now I know that was meant to start now. I’ve wanted to give my book, How Do I Love Me? Let Me Count the Ways away for ages to share what I learned as a way to give thanks for my blessings. I’m excited that people can sign the pledge to give themselves 31 days of self-love!

Letting go of my project allowed the Law of Attraction to do its work to help me bring it to fruition.

When faith is strong, letting go means trusting that it will take the course for its highest good, without your doing anything else but staying in a positive mindset. The person who called it quitting hasn’t experienced the beauty and joy of spiritual faith. I knew that God was watching out for me and let go with confidence. You can try it with something small and as you get results, try it more and more. Letting go of what you’re trying to achieve can be the best way to get what you need to achieve it!

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