iMac.jpegThis is post 117 in my series on the Law of Attraction in Action. You CAN use your power to attract all that you need. I do it every day! Read all the posts in my Law of Attraction in Action Series to see how.

I believe in the power of clearing out stuff I don’t need. At the end of the year,I always go through everything I own and assess what I can get rid of. My old iMac computer always got ignored when I did my annual purging. It was at least 10 years old. When I got a laptop with a newer system over 5 years ago, I kept the old one as a back up. I’d been able to transfer all my documents to the new one but not the emails., some of which were meaningful. So that big old computer continued sitting on a workspace next to my desk, where I write on my laptop.

Possessions can become like fixtures–so much a part of you that they become part of your landscape and you continue to let them live in your space.

I learned years ago that cleaning makes room for new and better things. The Law of Attraction responds to your clearing out clutter and things you don’t need so you you attract what’s more likely to make you happy. In my DoorMat days I kept almost everything and convinced myself that having an apartment in disarray made it feel homey. It actually made me feel out of control. The disarray in my living space reflected the disarray I felt in my life. I was a mess like my apartment!

Taking charge of your living space adds another level of control over your life.

I’ve learned to try to keep my place organized during the year and love my end of the year cleaning. I think of it as cleansing my space for the new year. I want the Universe to know I’m ready to get new stuff and have made space for it. Bring it on Law of Attraction! Cleaning sends the message that I’m ready. As I looked at my big old computer, it hit me hard that it was time to give it away. I could use the space–literally a whole table that would give me a more workspace with it gone. Yet I was shocked at how hard, almost traumatic, it was to let the computer go.

The past can be hard to let go of, even if it’s something that doesn’t consciously matter to you anymore.

I never used the computer. It just sat there. I got used to seeing it and never thought about not having it. It’s been there for 10+ years, sitting on a table next to where I work, like an old friend, a companion I’m used to having there. And, there was the history that made it particularly hard. I wrote my first books in that computer and had dozens of emails from the volunteer work I did after 9/11. The computer served me well. There were good memories of working on it and I didn’t want to lose the special emails. But with the end of the year approaching, I felt it was time to let go of a computer I no longer needed. It was time to make room in my life!

So I copied some of the emails into a Word doc, blessed the good memories and put an ad on Craig’s List, offering the computer for free. It was gratifying to see at how many people wanted it. It meant that clearing it out would help someone, so it was a double blessing! A guy picked it up a few days later. He was excited to get it, which reinforced that I was doing the right thing. It left a big emotional hole for a week, but now I’m enjoying using the table for more functional things.

Letting go can be painful. It’s letting go of the past and means we plan to move forward–a great message to the Universe but a scary thought too.

My computer was my friend. Plus it was always a security–a just in case I needed something from it. But I don’t anymore. I have a backup laptop that actually works well, unlike my iMac, which kinda limped along as technology improved and it didn’t keep up. Still, it was part of my life for over 10 years. Now I look over at that table and smile. The space reminds me that I took control of clearing out something big that I didn’t need by overcoming all the stuff that held me back.

Assess your own possessions. Every year I pick up items and ask, “Why do I want or need this?” If there’s no good reason, I give or throw it away.

Affirm, “I’m giving this away to make room for new and better things in my life.” This sends a clear message that the Law of Attraction can respond positively to. Stuff is stuff. Keeping things you don’t need can reinforce a mindset of lack–that you’re keeping it just in case you need it some day. I had to face that and accept that if I need something down the road, I’ll purchase a new one, since chances are I won’t need it. If I do, I can afford to buy it. That helped me to clear out even more stuff.

Love yourself enough to clear what you don’t need in order to enter the new year with room for new and better goodies!

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