When I have a problem, I try to figure out a solution. It’s the same when people come to me for advice. I do my best to offer something good for them to do. But there are times it’s hard to figure out what to say or do. That’s when I look up and ask for answers. When you feel powerless about how to handle a situation or help someone you care about, remind yourself that you’re not alone.

You can tap into your spiritual power for answers. If you ask with the expectation of receiving, answers come.

The first time I tried this was when I was beginning to be spiritual but didn’t believe in God. My friend pushed me to ask God for an answer about something that was making me crazy as I tried to figure out what to do. I asked God for answers to humor him, since I wasn’t believer. The next morning I had complete clarity about how to handle the situation. Now I often ask for answers and directions when I can’t find them on my own.

Asking God, or whatever spirit you believe in, for answers brings helpful guidance.

For years I’ve felt like God is right on my shoulder as answers come to me without asking. My faith is so strong that instead of being on autopilot for being agreeable and giving others what they want, I’m now on autopilot for finding solutions. There are times when I’m writing and then read it back and am astonished about what I said. Where did those thoughts comes from?? Thank you God for them! And when I’m trying to find the right words and ask for help, the words pop into my head. I always say thanks for them!

The more you believe, the more easily answers come to you, sometimes without even asking if your faith is so strong that you expect to get what you need like I do.

When someone comes to me for advice on something specific, I ask God what I should tell them. Often I just look up and say, “help!” Something good to say always comes to me. Before a self-empowerment counseling session, I ask God for the best words to help the person. It can feel like I’m channeling God for others who are struggling to get their lives on track and don’t have the faith that I do. Before a meeting or important networking event, I give thanks for my knowing exactly what to say that will help me the most.

When you need help with a situation or for making an important decision, ASK for guidance.

Then watch for answers in your experience or thoughts that just come to you out of the blue. Spiritual support is there for all of us who choose to use it. So use it! It’s there for you if you ask and can open up doors of self-empowerment that you never expected. The Universe wants you to be happy. If you want that too, ask for what you need and expect to get it.

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