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This is post 115 in my series on the Law of Attraction in Action. You CAN use your power to attract all that you need. I do it every day! Read all the posts in my Law of Attraction in Action Series to see how.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed or exhausted but were so busy you couldn’t stop? We all have those days, or weeks, sometimes. Some of us feel this way as a lifestyle. That said, have you ever thought how nice it would be to get sick and have an excuse to stay in bed and sleep? I have! And guess what happened?? I got sick! Now I catch myself.

In his book, Mind/Body Prescription, Dr. John Sarno explains this clearly and advises recognizing any negative emotions you feel and then telling your body you don’t need the symptom or pain, or whatever else is manifesting in your body, to distract you from things going on in your life. He gives specific ailments that this works best for, and I’ve used his suggestions successfully.

Your thoughts can attract physical ailments that you really don’t want. The body manifests what the subconscious thinks it needs.

In You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, she has a huge section that identifies the possible types of reasons for specific ailments. Now when I have something wrong with my body I look to see what kind of situation in my life could be happening and what can I do to change it. The reasons she gives usually correlates to something going on with me. Sometimes I have to think about it for a while but I find it.

When you change the thoughts you’re putting out or the message your actions are sending, you can heal your body at the same time. The Law of Attraction responds well to this!

It has worked better for me than medicine. I remember I once had sore sinuses during a time of year that I normally don’t have allergies or nasal problems. When I looked it up, I learned that my type of sinus problem tends to be caused by keeping someone in my life who puts pressure on or aggravates me. This was going on with a guy I really liked. We’d been friends for a long time before we got involved. He had many issues that had nothing to do with me but his actions were unacceptable. Yet I accepted them! We’d had a close friendship too and I hated to lose it.

When I finally ended contact, I was shocked how fast my sinuses cleared up!

I didn’t recognize how bad he was for me but my body did. Staying with him told the Universe that I was okay with unacceptable behavior and didn’t value myself enough to end the relationship. I actually did tell him to get lost much sooner than I’d have done in the past. Once I closed that door, many others opened! My first book was published and I began writing All Men Are Jerks Until Proven Otherwise. The relief of breaking up was a fabulous lessons and I knew I had to share with women how to walk away from a relationship that makes you more unhappy. So leaving him attracted the blessing of a book that put me on the map!

Now when I find myself thinking about how nice it would be to just lay around for a day if I was sick, I immediately negate the thought! In the last years, I’ve had things going on with my body that are annoying and often interfere with my sleep. Doctors tell me it’s just hormonal related to getting older. Women start getting these annoying symptoms in their thirties and then they escalate. My sleep has suffered from this. Two weeks ago I had an epiphany! My subconscious was protecting me to avoid things that deep down intimidated me about moving forward in my career.

Not sleeping well was a good excuse for not doing some things I’ve said I want to do but have no energy for. I decided it was TIME to stop these symptoms!

I told my body, vehemently that I didn’t need an excuse anymore. I’m ready to move forward fully. As I said it with strong emotion, I felt something in me shift. That night I slept well and I felt more balanced than I have in years for well over a week. Then something funny happened. I began to have something else annoying happen that interferes with my sleep. Dr. Sarno warns that when you are able to stop feeling the discomfort from a physical ailments that you manifested to distract you from something you subconsciously want to avoid, something else can rear it’s annoying head. I realized that this was happening to me!

You might use your mind to stop back pain and then your ankle may begin to hurt.

He advises doing the same thing–tell the ailment you don’t need it anymore and you can handle the anger, fear, etc. that your ailment has manifested to take your mind off of it. Self-protection manifests illness at times. So now I’m working on clearing it all away and it’s working! My sleep issues are the only physical problem I’ve felt powerless over. Believing I was powerless supported it. Now I’m owning my power and putting out the expectation of balance and harmony in my body!

I don’t need an excuse to not do things that seem too hard! I’m ready, and my body better listen or I’ll keep reminding it.

Are you ready to drop the excuses? When you are, you can let go of many of your physical problems to feel better and accomplish more! Pay attention to what’s going on and what you might want a distraction for. You can manifest negative ailments, and also get rid of them by changing your thoughts.

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