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This is post 113 in my series on the Law of Attraction in Action. You CAN use your power to attract all that you need. I do it every day! Read all the posts in my Law of Attraction in Action Series to see how.

It’s hard to live and think and speak as if you already have what you want or that you are the person you want to be if you haven’t seen the results yet. But, that’s exactly what brings us what we want the fastest. Once you put your intentions out to the Universe, it gets set in motion. This doesn’t mean it will manifest immediately. It may not be the right time. That’s something you can’t control.

But if you can accept with faith that what you intend to have is on its way, you can also accept that you already have it. It just isn’t in your hands yet.

You might see this as the same as wishful thinking but it’s far from it. We dream about a lot of things and wish for them. If you want a lot more money, you might longingly think about how your life would change if you had it. That’s wishful thinking. But if you think, “I am much more solvent, (or rich)” you’re affirming it’s in the works. A promotion may be being discussed but you don’t know about it. You might be in someone’s will and not know it.

Saying “I am…” or “I have…” acknowledges that the process for what you want to manifest has begun.

It needs to be said with feeling–the conviction of truly believing in the process. Using the present tense is so important. Most of us say versions of “Something I want is coming to me.” That’s fine to get started. You can build from the emotion as you get yourself more excited. 

If you want to ignite the process, speak like it’s already yours, because it is!

This isn’t easy. It can feel funny to say “I have lots of money” when you’re feeling broke. Or “I am a successful salesperson” when you haven’t sold anything yet. But weird or not, say it in the present, with faith that it’s true. And, let your actions show your beliefs. Before I ever had one word published, I got a business card that identified me as writer. People questioned how I could give that card out when I was so new to writing. Easy! In my soul, I knew I was a writer and that whatever else I needed to live as one was in the works. So I was one! My 12th book was out in September!

Putting your intentions out as a present reality adds fuel to whatever else you’ve affirmed.

The toughest part for me can be figuring out how to phrase what I don’t have yet to indicate that I know I have it. I’ve spent time trying to come up with the right words at the beginning. Some samples of affirming in the present are:

•    “My meeting will go well” can be “I have what I need from the meeting,” even if you haven’t aced meetings in the past.
•    “The right living space is coming” can be “I have the perfect living space,” even if you’re currently sharing a studio apartment.
•    “I expect to get out of debt can be “I am debt-free,” even if you owe a lot of money.
•    “I have to get married” can be “I have the perfect person for marriage,” even if you’re not even dating anyone.
•    I wish to be a blessing to the people around me” can be “I am a blessing to those around me,” even if you can barely take care of yourself.

Call yourself what you want to be before it feels real. Give thanks often for what you have, knowing that it’s in the process. When I have a business meeting that involves me trying to get something I need, I’ll say “Thanks for my getting very positive results at the meeting,” BEFORE I get in. Affirm it as often as you can. Saying it once and then forgetting about it gets it off your mind. The Law of Attraction supports your thoughts so put strong and frequent ones out.

Program your mind to know that you have what you want and it will come to you at the right time! “I am rich and successful!” :

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