Maria Papapetros.jpgI’m delighted to have an interview today with Maria Papapetros, psychic and healer, who has made great strides in the field of para-psychology. Internationally renown for her work with individual clients and group workshops, Maria is a central energy source behind the movement to legitimize the field of psychic development. Her intuitive grasp of individual para-psychological dynamics and her skill as a psychic/healer helps her expedite the growth process by which a person achieves psychic awareness to allow the person to realize the creative and human potential that is mankind’s universal birthright.

When I called her, we clicked instantly and she asked where I was. I “happened” to be practically around the corner. So I grabbed my tape recorder and laptop and headed for her place. I felt her wonderful energy as I walked in the door and knew I was blessed to be there.

Maria gave me a paper to fill out with basic info about me, like my address. Nothing personal. When I was finished, she looked through it and began to tell me all sorts of things about me. I was intrigued, then amazed at how much she could tell from basic impersonal info. We chatted and I hoped she couldn’t tell that I had a lot of underling stress that day. Suddenly, she told me to close my eyes and did one of her meditation exercises with me. I felt the stress melt off me.

Afterward, she acknowledged she could feel I needed it, which is why she gave me this wonderful gift. Maria has many gifts and is generous about teaching others how to use their own psychic gifts. I’m excited that on Wednesday, November 9th she’s giving a workshop form 6-9 called Psychic Development for Everyday Living in Manhattan. I plan to go so that I can learn to use my psychic gifts. Here’s what Maria had to say:

How did you recognize that you had an intuitive gift? “I went to a psychic when I was in my twenties to know if my boyfriend was going to call. Why else go to a psychic? She told me I’m very psychic. I said, yeah, right!” I was studying psychology at the time and working with film. She was a wonderful psychic and discovered me but it took me 3 years for me to start working. I didn’t want to do that. When it was finally explained to me that I was really psychic, I thought wasn’t everybody? Then I realized all the psychic occurrences I’d had since 12 years old but had never thought it was weird. I thought everybody was the same.”

What is para-psychology? “It’s metaphysical–something beyond the physical; beyond what the eye can see and the hand can touch; an entire dimension where we’re vibrating but are not aware of it. I pick up vibrations from another person or object at times. I may not see the person, like when I’m on television, but I tune into them. I get into the frequency and see what’s there in the past, present and future. I always give them choices. I believe that we create our reality. We have free will and choice.”

Is there a difference between being a psychic and having intuition? “Using your intuition makes you psychic. It’s vibrational, like radio tuning. I pick up people’s vibrations in detail. I do a psychic reading with predictions.”

What’s the difference between an average person’s intuition and yours? “It’s like the voice. Everybody who has a voice can sing. Depending on how talented they are, some sing on stage, some in the shower. But they do sing. It’s the same thing with being psychic. If you have a psyche–a soul–you’re psychic. Like the voice, either you use it for yourself like an amateur or you do it professionally. A professional psychic has to be objective. Dr. Jan Berlin, a clinical psychologist, did a study at UCLA and showed that a psychic must be objective about what they see. They tested my objectivity.”

Why doesn’t everybody use their psychic abilities? “People are not aware. They don’t know they can do it. Once they’re aware they do not block it. We have been taught that we cannot change the future. There’s a lot of desperation thinking that we’re doomed. The good Lord gave us many opportunities. I teach psychic awareness. I specifically teach psychic development for every day living so one can get more mileage out of life.”

Why do you think some people have skepticism about what you do? “It’s because people are not aware. We are afraid of what we don’t know. People are afraid of their own intuition because nobody talks about it. It used to be a no-no. Psychics were in the closet for years. People who are scared are not open to it.”

How do you use your gift to help people achieve more? “I help them to help themselves. I help them to open up and see what they can do, especially in the workshops. Once they see that in a 3-hour evening they are able to do a cold psychic reading for somebody they don’t know, that buys them a lot of confidence. They think ‘If I can do this, I can do anything.'”

Why would someone come to see you instead of a counselor? “They get confirmation. I work very closely with Dr. Jane Greer. People who go to a psychologist will also go to a psychic and the other way around. People want to use me as a shrink but I say no and send them to a therapist. I give confirmation about their idea or something else that I see. People will come for one think and get many more things. Most definitely they begin to open up themselves.”

How does the insight you give help clients take better steps toward their desires? “Many people come for confirmation. They may come for one thing and get a lot of other things. They also open up about what they want.”

How can people use their own intuition for their advantage? “It’s for every day living. To learn to discern what they are thinking or doing–is it them or what they picked up from their mother or father or is it conditioning from others. Is it their own thinking or what they picked up and do over and over, making the same mistakes?”

What’s your best advice for how people can tap into their intuition? “Be still and listen to your inner voice in quietness, in meditation. Get quiet every day and have a pen and paper nearby. Think about a particular situation, close your eyes and answers come. I also advise that you write to yourself, addressing your intuition. Ask yourself questions like you’d be asking me and usually you will receive answers. Once you have a question, you can go within and get the answer.”

I’m very excited to be going to Maria’s workshop, Psychic Development for Everyday Living, on Wednesday, November 9th. If you’re in the NYC area, consider attending. She says the i purpose is for people to learn how to recognize their own intuitive ability and use it. I feel like this is going to enable me to find my way toward my goals even better than ever. When I asked Maria why she teaches people how to use their intuition, she said, “I wish that people would trust their intuition and use it to create their own reality, and make it a masterpiece.” I could feel the caring she has and can’t wait to see her again! I plan on making my reality a masterpiece! I’ll share some of what I learn in a future post. Check out Maria Papapetros’ website for more info on what she does.

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