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Stuff happens, even when we’re in control of ourselves. You or someone you love gets sick, has an accident, gets laid off, gets caught in the rain without an umbrella, or it breaks, and a gazillion other possible scenarios

Whenever a situation happens that can stir a negative response, you have choices–react to a situation with negative emotions or choose to rise above it and not let it affect your mood, at least not too much. I’m not saying that it’s easy to push stress or negatives aside. It’s not. But I have learned that getting aggravated doesn’t solve anything and makes me of victim of the situation, instead of in control.

Finding calm in a storm allows you to think more rationally and deal with the situation instead of with the emotions it can cause.

When I was a DoorMat my life was filled with drama. And unhappiness. Depending on what was going on I’d get disappointed or angry or frustrated or all three! And what did it get me? Disappointed or angry or frustrated or all three!  Then I realized something. I might not like getting caught in the rain without protection but I like it less when I get worked up about it. I might not like getting sick but like it less when I walk around bemoaning how lousy I feel.

Adding drama to a negative situation attracts more drama and makes it worse than it is. You may not be able to choose to stop the situation but you can control your reaction.

Recognizing this improved my life on many levels. It substantially lightened my mood to choose a healthier outlet for my negative emotions. I laughed more. Being wet isn’t pleasant but being wet and laughing over it feels better than being wet and whiny. People liked me more. The complaining DoorMat didn’t make for good company. And, it lightening up attracted better results since I focused on getting through the situation instead of on how miserable I was.

The sun comes out faster when you make the best of situations, since you attract whatever sunshine will calm your storm.

Remember, it’s your choice to react to what you don’t like with negative emotions, or how people affect the mood you’re in, and attract all the negatives that come with them. Or you can choose to be in a good mood despite having things happen that you don’t like. Next time you’re in a negative situation, count your blessings. Think about all the good you have. Really focus on it! Affirm, “This too shall pass” about the negative situation. It always does and will pass much faster if you don’t hang onto it with negative thoughts.

The Law of Attraction will help you if you give it something to work with.

Even if you can’t just let it roll off you, do what you can to ease up on compounding the problem in your head. Release the situation into God’s hands instead of into your emotions. You’ll have a much easier time getting though it if you do. Happiness and low stress are so much better than drama that emotions create. I do everything I can not to go back to old habits of running with negatives. I highly recommend it!

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