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My birthday is Sunday. So many people my age, or a LOT younger, freak out on their birthdays instead of celebrating. Someone I interviewed said on her fortieth birthday she threw up. In college, I heard women moaning about getting so old when they turned 21. Hello!!! Why put your life on a downhill swing instead of looking forward to each day? I talked about aging in an earlier post, Law of Attraction in Action Series: Age.

You only have one life. You empower yourself when you live in a positive vibe and hurt yourself when you look forward to your life getting worse and worse as the years pass.

I won’t completely glorify aging. There are changes–in how we’re perceived and in our bodies. As I get older, I feel more vulnerable. Hey, that sharp pain in my arm might not be from my backpack or that tummy twinge might not be gas. I’m more conscious of my body’s quirks. And more concerned. But my strong spiritual faith offsets much of that. So has paying lots of attention my health and fitness. I expect to be treated as a youthful woman and will continue to expect that, no matter how old I get. And I do get treated as a young person!

Earl Warren said, “Don’t complain about growing old–too many people don’t have that privilege.

I agree so strongly! I’d bet people who get illness or into a fatal car accident, would trade places with someone whining about getting older. Life is YOURS to enjoy, or waste by lamenting the years past. Your thoughts attract the quality of life you have. And they can also affect how old you look. After I’d been out of DoorMatville for a while, people asked if I’d found the Fountain of Youth. I’d bump into students from my teaching days and they’d ask how I made myself look so much younger.

My anti-aging fix? One word–happiness!

The happier I became, the better I felt about me and it radiated out from me. Each year I get happier and attract good health and a youthful appearance. Self-love motivates me to take good care of me so I get older in the best ways possible. I’ve been guessed at MUCH younger than I am. I own my life and know it’s my choice to let getting older stop me or to know that I’m the same person no matter how old I get. Actually, I get better with each year as I continue to learn and grow and expand my happiness.

It’s YOUR choice to relish every day of your life or hurt your time here by attracting an much less happy life by having an unhappy perspective of getting older.

You are what you think you are! People as young as 30 complain to me they feel like they’re running out of time. Golly, don’t tell that to my body since I’m older and my engine is running strong. But too many people view getting older with a perception of doom. Aging can be scary IF you believe that you’re getting too old to do the things you love or still haven’t done. I do what I want and will continue to! When I’m 90 I still intend to be climbing mountains and traveling the world. Age will not stop me!

Taking GOOD care of your body–weight, skin, activity level, etc.–helps you maintain your good health and good looks.

Since you’ll only get older, why perceive life as only getting worse? That won’t nurture happiness. If you want to age happily, stop seeing the end of your life when each day can be a new beginning, no matter what your age is! I will celebrate my birthday as another year of getting better. Then the Law of Attractions returns a wonderful life to me, full of doing everything I KNOW I can do at ANY age. Your age stops you when you let it. Thinking young keeps you much happier and allows you to do a lot more.

The more you love yourself, the easier it is to accept your age with a positive attitude!

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