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This morning I threw some chopped walnuts on my cereal as usual. As I ate it, I bit down on what turned out to be a shell from the nut. It hurt. I was annoyed that they weren’t more careful. Then I got an idea. I have a loose cap on a tooth that I have to get fixed. Why not tell the company that sells the nuts that I broke it on the shell. It did hurt me for a moment after all! Then I could get my dentist bill covered. As I pondered my plan, I thought about the Law of Attraction and the message I’d send if I went through with it.

Cheating is wrong and sends a negative message.

In the past I’d have done it. But in the past I also didn’t attract what I wanted and wondered why so many negatives came my way. It’s not that I cheated often. But negative thoughts and actions abounded in my unhappy world. And I thought that getting over on someone was normal, especially a big company that could afford what little I cheated them out of. I didn’t think of it as cheating back then. It felt like survival to me. I was scared. So cheating a little helped me feel more in control.

The truth is that what cheating controls is attracting negatives.

When I say cheating, I mean mostly doing things with a sneaky or dishonest intention. Trying to get money for my tooth when the nut shell didn’t break it is cheating in my book. So is going to a store that sells skin care products often to get the free samples they give out so you don’t have to buy the product. Samples are for trying the product so you can see if you like it. Getting the same sample over and over to save money is cheating the company. I used to do it regularly at a store I love–until I thought about the Law of Attraction.

Cheating by taking too many samples or trying to get money out of a company with a fabricated story tells the Universe you feel lack.

And I don’t anymore! In my DoorMat days I did. Lack was probably reinforced. When I realized this I decided that I could afford to buy the products, just as I can I can afford to go to the dentist. The idea of sending out a message of lack is unpleasant to me these days. My strong faith allows me to believe that I always have enough money for everything I need. So I don’t have to cheat to get what I needed!

There are many ways we cheat, though we might not recognize it as such.

If you’d told me I was cheating back in my DoorMat days I’d have said you were crazy. Me cheat? I was a good girl! We often don’t recognize our behavior as cheating. I hear people say, “Everybody does it” about some subtle forms of cheating. Taking home company supplies for your personal use or to give to a friend is referred to as white collar stealing. The supplies aren’t ours yet it seems okay to take home a stapler, box of pens, stack of pads, ream of paper, box of paper clips, etc. Just because “Everybody does it” doesn’t make it right.

Any time to get something from a company under false pretenses, it’s cheating, however subtle it might be. It can attract others who cheat you.

Ask yourself if you want to send the Universe a message of lack. If you do, don’t wonder why your money tends to get tighter. I take pleasure now in stopping myself. I still get samples but different ones, and only when I actually buy something in the store. I’ve stopped going in just to get samples, since I don’t’ want to cheat anymore. I can afford to buy what I need and that’s what I want the Law of Attraction to pick up on.

Be vigilant about any subtle things you may do that’s a little left of legit. Ask yourself if you really need to do that. When you live as someone with a rich life, you’ll attract more riches and feel better about yourself.

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