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Last week I had jury duty. I was frustrated to get called for it since I work for myself. When you have an employer, in most cases you get your full salary while you’re in court. But self-employed people just get a small amount per day. There’s not much left after paying for carfare and lunch. Plus, I have an overfilled plate so it’s hard to spend all that time away. I worked myself up and was feeling very negative about going to jury duty. Then I caught myself–thank goodness!

If my thoughts about it were negative, my experience would be too. The Law of Attraction would facilitate that.

Why make a situation I didn’t like worse with my thoughts? I was so caught up in negative emotions about it that I forgot my own lessons for a bit. But I caught myself in time and was excited when I did! I remembered the power we all have to create our reality. It was my choice to make my jury duty experience a bad one. And it was also my choice to make it a good one. Of course I chose the latter! I acknowledged the negative feelings I’d had and let go of them.

Then I began to affirm: “Something good will come of doing jury duty.”

I said it a lot. Then I said thank you for the blessings I’d receive there. I began to expect good things to come from being there. Why not? My thoughts attract my reality. I really got into it and as I got dressed to go on my first day I kept saying thanks for the blessings I’d have there. When I arrived, they had individual workstations that we could use while we waited. I had my laptop with me and plugged in.

There was wireless too. Many blessings from the get-go! I didn’t get called for a screening for a trial the first day and got more writing done than I do in two days at home. There were no interruptions or distractions. It was quiet and peaceful. When I went home I was amazed at how productive I’d been that day. We were warned that there were 2 trials coming up the next day. While I was happy with the work I’d done, I knew if I got on a trial that wouldn’t happen. Before we went home the guy in charge said that anyone who didn’t getting picked for a trial the next day would be dismissed.

I began to affirm the next day would be my last, with feeling. I KNEW it had to be or I’d get too far behind my work.

As I walked to the courthouse the next day, I continued to affirm, “Today is my last day.” They announced that one of the cases was settled already. After writing for a while in the morning, they called my name to be screened for the other trial. My first reaction was to get upset. I didn’t want to have to go in and not be able to keep writing. Negative again! I caught myself immediately and affirmed, “Something good will come of being in that courtroom. ” Right after, a name was called that I recognized. It was someone I’d known when my music biz career first began. She’d helped get my books into colleges as a textbook.

When she left her job we lost touch. That was 12 years ago! I didn’t remember what she looked like as we’d mainly spoken on the phone. But I saw who raised her hand when the name was called. We were both going to the same courtroom. I approached her and asked if she was the person I used to know. Yes! It was so nice to see her. We have so much in common and were happy to reconnect. When both weren’t chosen for the case, we had a lovely lunch together.

Blessings can come in a variety of forms. For us it was a blessing that we found each other there and we’ll stay in touch.

Shortly after lunch I was told I was done. I could go home and be free for 6 years. Yeah! What began as something I dreaded turned into a series of blessings and ended when I needed it to. Next time you have something you don’t like or have to go somewhere you don’t want to go, affirm:

“Something good will come from this.” Expect to find a blessing in what you don’t like!

Going to a darker place like I did at first will bring you to a darker place. I do think had I not changed my thoughts and expected blessings it wouldn’t have been a good experience. The Law of Attraction gives us what we expect. Watch those negative expectations. Diffuse them by expecting something good to develop from what you don’t like. It’s the best way to make the best of a situation.

Blessings are so much better than letting your negative emotions bring you down and attract what you don’t like. The power is yours. Own it! That’s fuel on the road to consistent happiness.

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