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Do you like to talk about other people? I admit I do sometimes. But, I’m becoming more conscious of trying to break that habit. Why? Most gossip is negative. Somebody doing well or looking good isn’t as interesting as someone making a mistake or doing something you disagree with or other at least somewhat negative news or situations.

Talking about others is a form of judging them. And guess what the Law of Attraction picks up on?


And guess what the Law of Attraction returns to you?


Talking about others is a natural pastime for many of us. It can be fun and it livens up conversations. But the repercussions on a spiritual level may not be worth it. If you feel yourself being judged, pay attention to whether you’re speaking in judgment of anyone. Gossiping may seem harmless but speaking about someone else’s foibles or lack of good decisions or follies isn’t nice. It’s letting people know about stuff that the person might not want talked about.

Even if the person isn’t aware of what you say, it can hurt their reputation and also get back to them, which can hurt their feelings.

Celebrities live in the shadow of gossip. They’re relentlessly followed around by the media circus that reports everything they do. The excuse used is that they’re public figures and therefore we own the right to know everything about their business. I disagree. People like Lindsay Lohan and Brad Pitt are fodder for gossip and it takes it’s toll. And just because the media does it, it doesn’t make sharing people’s business right. I’ve wondered what returns to the reporters. I know a member of the paparazzi and she is a very unhappy person. Hmmm…..

Years ago someone told me what a guy who traveled in my circle of friends had shared about me. I felt betrayed that he’d talked behind my back. When I called him on it, he laughed and said that I talk about others to him and he’s sure I talk about him to others and others talk about others and that’s the way it is–a cycle that everyone gets into. He was right! I did talk about others to him, and about him to others, and attracted gossip about me! It made me more conscious of doing it.

We attract what we give out. Talking about others attracts others talking about you.

I’ll probably never stop gossiping completely. It’s too ingrained in me. But I do try to at least think before I share something negative about someone I care about or have to deal with regularly. Sometimes anger makes us talk about others. Someone’s actions may rub you the wrong way so you talk about them to others. That’s gossip in the form of complaining.

You probably won’t be able to say you never talk about anyone but try to limit it.

If you’ve gossiped all your life like I have, you probably won’t be able to stop completely. It’s unnatural. Sometimes we need to share things that bother us. These days I try to be more selective about who I share what with. It ‘s a matter of how much judgment you can handle returning to you. If you feel judged, look to see how you’re judging others. If you don’t like it, curb your own gossip.

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