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You go for an interview to try to get a job you really want but don’t get it. The man or woman you believe is the one of your dreams breaks up with you. Your good friend hurts you and you can’t continue the friendship. The cruise you saved for got canceled. Etc. Etc. We all experience disappointments. Life works that way.

When you trust that everything happens for a reason, you can look at closed doors as opportunities to open new, better ones.

You can get past disappointments more easily, and your mind can go from disappointed to expecting something even better. As I transitioned from a DoorMat to a Nice Girl on Top, I realized that most of my friends were users. It hurt. I wanted real friends, who loved me and wanted the best for my well-being instead of people who were mainly around when I did them favors, disappeared when I needed help and didn’t treat me with respect.

I believe that doors close because they’re not the right ones for us and there’s something better behind another door.

I began to drop friends. Many of them. It was scary. One of my good friends at the time would hear me complain about a friend and go snip with his fingers. I’d nod, knowing I had to cut the person loose. Each time I let go of someone I’d say, “Close one door and another one or two open!” A year later I had fewer friends but I had some great new ones, which was better than a slew of not so good ones.

It’s up to you to allow the other door to open by expecting it to.

If you get passed on for the dream job, close the door with enthusiasm and declare that another one will open. Let go of the friend who lets you down often knowing there are better friends for you to meet. Get on the Internet and find a better cruise than the one that was canceled by looking for the open door. If you end a relationship, close the door with feeling and affirm that there’s a better person for you behind another door that will open.

Closing doors in a definitive way makes room for another one, or more, to open for you.

There’s never just one opportunity, one person, one destination, one job, one house, etc. Others wait behind doors that you can open by closing the old one. When you say, “Close one door and another one opens,” you’re declaring that you EXPECT a better opportunity, person, destination, job, house, etc. to manifest when you let go of regretting what went out the door.

Replace regrets for things you lost out on or can’t have or had to let go of with doors you slam shut to make room for better!

Get excited about the new doors that will open. That gives the Law of Attraction a good vibration to grab on to. YOU have the power to attract the right stuff for you. Trust that what you close the door on wasn’t right for you and that what will make you truly happy is behind the doors that haven’t opened yet. Make space by closing old doors and allow the new ones to open to wonderful blessings!

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