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A friend I’ll can Dan is in town for a few days to close a business deal he’s been working on for 2 years.  When it’s final he’ll get a lot of money. Ever since I’ve known him, I’ve watched in awe as he lives on the very outside edge sometimes. He’s been down to his last few dollars waiting for a business deal to go through. Then he gets a lot of money, spends it, and eventually is again trying to survive when he’s down to his last few dollars.

Yet no matter what’s going on, he always seems happy and carefree.

Over the years I’ve stopped worrying about Dan when he’s at one of his low points. He always manifests something at the final hour to keep him going. His money was supposed to come through last week but didn’t. He’s almost out of cash. Every day the check is promised but hasn’t arrived. Yet he’s upbeat and positive. I asked how he can be relaxed waiting. Most folks would be oozing worry.

He said that worrying just attracts bad stuff. Expecting things to work out helps them work out.

Hm, I knew that! Dan is the extreme of overcoming worry with positive expectations. While he’s waiting he still goes out and has fun. To watch him live you’d never know this was a guy who’ll be broke in a few days if his check doesn’t come in soon. He laughed when he told me that everyone who knows his situation doesn’t understand why he’s not worried. Dan recalled that every time he was down to his final few dollars, some work that paid quickly always came to him. Always!

Worrying shows a lack of faith that things will work out. Living–doing what you like–with faith in your heart attracts support for what you need.

To illustrate, Dan told me about his friend who was very worried because he’d lost his job and couldn’t find work. They got together a few days ago. The friend expected Dan to commiserate with his “desperate” situation since he knew Dan was almost out of cash. But Dan laughed and said he wasn’t worried. It would all work out well. The friend asked for guidance on how to help himself.

Dan told him to go out that night to a bar and enjoy himself. The friend balked, saying he didn’t have the money, or desire to do that. Dan said all the more reason he should do it, explaining that going out, relaxing and having a good time would give him a break from worrying. Giving yourself pleasure creates more of the kind of emotions that helps manifest what you need. Dan made him promise to take one evening to have a break from worrying. The friend agreed.

The next morning Dan got a call from his friend, who was all excited. He’d done as promised. The friend forced himself to forget his situation and have a good time chatting with people in the bar. The happier he felt, the more people he talked to. And guess what? One of them was looking to hire someone and he got a job! Dan’s friend was incredulous that it worked! Dan wasn’t as it works for him whenever he hits a dry spot in earning. Even now as he waits, he’s manifested small amounts of cash to tide him over as he socializes with friends and has fun.

Taking a break from worrying allows for positive results to manifest.

Henry Ward Beecher said, “It is not work that kills men; it is worry. Work is healthy; you can hardly put more upon a man than he can bear. Worry is rust upon the blade. It is not the revolution that destroys the machinery, but the friction. Fear secrets acids; but love and trust are sweet juices.”

I don’t have a steady income but NEVER worry about creating income and always do.

When I was a DoorMat I worried about everything that didn’t or might not go right. My faith was nil and low self-esteem contributed to my negative beliefs. People who worry a lot often don’t feel worthy of good. Deep down I believed I got what I deserved–the fruits of my worrying. Controlling your worries allows the Law of Attraction to work in your favor. Dan’s method of giving yourself relaxation and pleasure when you’re worried helps your emotions to become more positive, at least while you’re having the pleasure, which can help attract more good stuff.

Building stronger faith by doing and seeing it work is the best antidote for worrying.

Do you remember Bobby McFerrin’s song, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy?” That’s a great example of a spiritual mindset, unless you don’t enjoy smiling. The more you worry, the more you attract things to sweat over. Worrying anticipates problems that don’t have to happen and might even attract them! Why do that to you? The more I treat myself lovingly, the less I worry. Faith keeps me from dwelling on what might happen, which makes me even happier! Next time you’re worried, try to relax and do something loving for yourself to take your mind of your problems.

As your faith gets stronger, the more control you’ll get over things that worry you. Each time you control your emotions when something worries you, look in the mirror and thank yourself for the love! And also say thanks while looking up!
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