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People tell me they ask God for what they want. I tell them not to and they look at me like I’m crazy. After all, I strongly believe that God gives us the support we need, so how can I say that you shouldn’t ask God for what you want????

Asking implies a choice. When you ask the answer could be yes or no. The Law of Attraction responds best to a clear, definite intention.

“May I have more money” shows you think it may or may not happen. “God, please help me make more money” also indicates you’re hoping to get it with doubt. “I intend to have more money! Thanks in advance for your support!” sets the intention for the Law of Attraction to work with to get you more money. Some of this is just semantics. But your choice of words does affect the response you get. I believe with all my heart that God wants us to get what we want. But it’s important to be very clear about what you expect.

The Law of Attraction works best when you expect it to already be in the pipeline to happen and you give thanks for it like you know it’s happening.

There’s no doubt when you say thanks in advance for what’s coming. I do this in every avenue of my life. When I have a meeting with an important editor or with someone I want to use my services, I say “Thanks for the meeting going well.” “When I have tickets for an outdoor show, I say, “Thanks for the weather being good for sitting outside.” Even when I’m nervous about circumstance or the unknown, I’ll say, “thanks for it all working out fine!” Pleading for help expresses fear and doubt.

“This is what I intend to have. Thank you for supporting my intention.” says you know you have what you need.

The Law of Attraction hears that message loud and clear. No doubt or fear. It says was you expect and you’re grateful knowing that you have it. People question how I could say thanks for what I haven’t manifested yet. Easy! What you expect may not be evident yet but it is in the process of coming to you. Your doctor may be concerned about a serious health problem you might have. But your body may be responding to your positive statement and working towards a state of good health so your test is negative in a week.

Things go on that you can’t see or know about that influences the outcome of what you want. Saying thanks for a positive one puts the wheels in motion for it to be positive.

The weatherman may predict rain in the morning. But giving thanks for good weather can make his prediction wrong! You may not feel the change in the direction of the winds or see the clouds break up 10 miles away when you’re saying thanks as if you already have it. But it could be happening without you knowing it. The only important thing you must see is the clear skies when you’re out enjoying the show.

Intentions begin the process of manifesting. It can take time to get what you give thanks for.

You might need time to get ready or a better opportunity may not be available yet. But continuing to give thanks for it as being already in the pipeline of manifesting for you fuels it to happen at the right time. Be patient! Don’t question if what you want will happen. When I first began affirming that I had a living space that I loved and giving thanks for it, I hated where I lived. I also didn’t know where I wanted to be or how I’d get there. Yet I kept giving thanks for living in a place I loved.

It took over a year for some events to happen that jostled me to move, though I still didn’t know where to move to.

I remember the day I realized that I’d manifested the perfect apartment in the perfect location at the perfect time. Events that I couldn’t have planned for happened that led me here. I was frustrated when I couldn’t find a place in the area I’d decided I should live. Every apartment fell through or I found faults that made me pass. Then someone said a friend was looking to rent a place that I’d love. I knew nothing about the area and almost didn’t go look, but something pushed me to. Now I can’t imagine being happier anywhere else! Giving thanks for finding the perfect space–and accepting guidance–led me to it!

I know it’s hard to say thanks for what you don’t have yet but try it with faith. And keep giving thanks! If you don’t lose hope because you didn’t get instant gratification, you can eventually see the fruits of your gratitude.

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