I haven’t posted for days. I had to help someone out and had no time to get to my computer to write. The rest of the time I was exhausted and decided I needed time to just chill. And I did, wonderfully! Today I feel so much more refreshed!

It’s important to honor your needs and sometimes cancel plans or allow yourself to skip things you “should do” in order to take care of YOU.

Sometimes we have to work extra hard or help someone we care about, and that’s okay. But there comes a time that running on fumes doesn’t work. Feeling exhausted and drained shouldn’t be a way of life, or even go on for more than a few days. I know my limits and while I must go beyond at times, I try not to do it too often. And, when I’m done with obligations, I take some time to get my energy back.

Taking a break can put you back in the game to be a lot more productive than running on empty and hurting your health.

Be vigilant about pushing yourself too hard and for too long. It’s hard to function at full capacity when you’re burnt out. Taking a day or two can revitalize you and help you feel better. That allows you to get a lot more done. Yesterday I was dragging all day and found it hard to enjoy the glorious weather. Today I’m energized and catching up on a lot of things. Cleaned a bit this morning. I’m writing this outdoors to really enjoy the day. I even plan to run tonight.

A day to chill is a joyous gift to you and an essential component of having good health and high energy.

Enjoy your day! Cut yourself slack in doing chores or meeting obligations. When I was a DoorMat, everyone else mattered more than me. Now I matter most to me—not at the expense of others but in a loving way that allows me to do more for them in the long run. When you’re healthy and whole you have more to give. Be kind to yourself. Every day for at least a few minutes and for a large chunk of of a day regularly.

Being rested allows you to get a lot more done.

I wish those of you who are celebrating Easter or Passover a blessed holiday! When you can, give yourself the blessing of some time for YOU.

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