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I wrote my post on Emotions for this series to help you understand the importance of having positive emotional vibrations that accompany your intentions to manifest something. I discussed how feeling the excitement about what you seek to manifest is the fuel needed to make your dreams a reality. Generating that emotion can be the hardest part of manifesting, especially if you’re in a bad place or can’t quite wrap your mind around believing that what you want will happen. Saying “empty” affirmations is better than nothing but don’t work as well.

It’s easy to know that you need to affirm your intentions with feeling, but how do you generate the necessary emotions?

I’ve struggled with this many times. Sometimes I could feel little doubts in the back of my head, diffusing the positive vibrations necessary to attract what I wanted, especially in situations that didn’t work out in the past. Old memories would come into my head to remind me that it might not happen and dampen my attempts to generate strong positive emotions. Then frustration set in as I couldn’t do stimulate the vibrations of feelings I knew were needed.

I believe that creating the necessary emotions begins with convincing yourself that you deserve what you’re trying to manifest, and that you’re perfectly capable of getting it.

If you don’t believe you deserve something, that’s the emotion that goes out to the Universe. You may want a promotion really bad but if you worry, even subconsciously, that you won’t be able to do the job, your doubt may be stronger than positive emotions you try to stir. Fear sends out a stronger message too! But even with those feelings you can get to a positive emotional place! I’ve learned to do that and it manifests so much more.

Accept that generating positive emotions can be hard for many of us humans, especially if you’ve experienced many disappointments.

I went for years trying to generate emotions for manifesting, repeating affirmations over and over trying to attract what I wanted. I never noticed that I got more when I really felt the excitement and got little when I didn’t. It didn’t make sense why some things came while others fizzled. Learning about the importance of the vibration sent out was the piece I needed, but it still was hard to manifest excitement over things I doubted or was scared of.

The biggest factor for me has been my strong faith in getting God’s support. That can override almost everything else.

Instead of fighting negative feelings, I began by asking for support in diminishing the thoughts that kept the positive emotions at bay. That made me feel better. Knowing that God was with me enabled me to take more risks. Things would happen that gave me more hope and confidence. That got me excited! The more my faith was reinforced, the more I got excited. The more I got excited, the more I manifested.

You can create a lovely cycle between building faith and manifesting. One can feed the other.

If you’re serious about generating the emotions to manifest, focus on the results, not the process or journey, and the emotions you’ll have when you get there. For example, if you want to have a lot more money, write down all the things you’ll do with it. Picture yourself in situations where the money is yours. Smile at your vision. Feel how good it will be when you get it. Ease yourself into the emotion:

Start by saying something about getting what you want in the future: “I will love having more money!” That’s something you can generate good feelings about since you’re not committing to a belief yet. You would love having more money in the future if it happened. Practice and feel the positive emotions that come with how you’d feel if you had what you want.

Bring it a little more to having it by just identifying the feelings of having it: “Having more money rocks!” It does, doesn’t it. You’re not committing to believing you have it but you’re generating good emotions about it.

Own it: “I have lots of money coming to me!” Bring the emotions from the last 2 into this more concrete statement. Keep affirming this with feeling until you don’t have to force real feelings of excitement.

Own it more by holding onto the emotions you’ve already generated in the other steps: “I have lots more money. Bring it on!” Now you’re talking like it’s a done deal. You may not see it for a while but once you put the emotion out, affirming what you have, the process is in motion. You do have it, and it will show itself at the right time.

Make the affirmation your own. When you have to keep looking at the paper you wrote one on, you’re not feeling it. The best affirmations for creating emotions are in your own words, from your heart. Even if one you see online sounds terrific, Say it the way you’d say anything else.

Just recently I took it to another level, thanks to Angela Artemis, who writes the terrific blog, Mystic Musings and Meditations. I told her about a physical problem I’ve had for years, which both doctors and alternative practitioners hadn’t been able to help me with. It’s not debilitating or harmful, but is very annoying and often interferes with my sleep. Angela is a practitioner of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and offered me a treatment. EFT uses some major acupressure points along with strong positive statements about healing. She said it’s helped many people who found no relief with other methods.

Being open, I got the treatment and lessons so I could do it to myself. I did some verbal exercises with Angela as I tapped different points on my head and body. At the end, she helped me come up with the affirmation to use when doing it myself: “I am grateful to be ____free forever!!!” I did it later in the evening and noticed that beginning with “I am grateful__” helped stir my emotions. I can really generate excitement by beginning an affirmation with “I am grateful for___.”

Gratitude is such a strong tool for manifesting, which is why I continue with my Conscious Gratitude list on Yahoo.

I’ve done affirmations to help my issue for years but haven’t had a lot of success. I probably deep down thought it wouldn’t help and my positive emotions weren’t strong after so long with no success. Gratitude gave me fuel for my emotions. If I say, “I have a fantastic new book deal!” when I’m nervous about getting one, it can take time to generate emotions and my subconscious concerns can seep in.
But when I say, “I am grateful” before I affirm what I intend to get, those three words always generate sincere, deep emotion, since I consciously practice gratitude. It’s been astounding for me.

“I am sooooooo grateful” for____. Yeah! Gratitude can truly stir emotions needed to manifest.

Bring gratitude into your intentions! Think about how grateful you are and will be to manifest more. Feel it. Give thanks for it. I even say thanks for getting what I know is coming as if it’s already here since I do understand it IS here—the process of it coming has started and it will show itself at the right time. Trust and be grateful. Let those feelings flow into your affirmations about what you intend to have. As the manifesting begins, the emotions will come easier.

I am so grateful that GREATER success than ever before is coming to me! YEAH!

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