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Are you enjoying your life, thoroughly and completely wherever you are, every day? Most people I speak with don’t seem to. It’s so easy to get caught up in doing what you’re supposed to do—working, doing chores at home, obligatory visits to family, trying to keep up with email, etc. The pursuit of happiness can become just an effort to get through the day and get as much done as possible. Eventually you fall into habits that are practical but don’t make you feel good.

Pleasure can take a back seat to getting it all done. Yet it’s pleasure that attracts the best kind of life!

I realized lately that I’ve been forgetting to make room for lots of pleasure in my life—every day. I have fun sometimes, but have been so immersed in my writing that I’m alone more than I used to be. I do enjoy being solo and get a lot of pleasure from having time to write for many uninterrupted hours. But, I realized recently that I need more balance. I haven’t been attracting as many new and pleasurable opportunities because I’m not seeking the kind of pleasure into my life that I used to have.

Getting into too many daily routines puts your life on autopilot. Like me, you can forget to do what it takes to make doing everything pleasurable.

I realized I needed to recapture my pleasure in daily life! People are surprised to hear this since I say how much I love my life. This is very true! I’m blessed beyond measure. But I’ve also gotten into some ruts that need to be fixed. You know what ruts in the road can do to your car if you keep driving over them. Life ruts can do something similar to the path you’re trying to follow.

Getting into ruts diverts your attention and energy from what you’d like to be your life’s purpose and from having the most pleasure you can.

I want LOTS of pleasure in my life! As I took stock of why I’m not getting enough, I decided to take a huge step. I recently mentioned that I registered for the Mastery program at Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts. Her program focuses on having as much pleasure as is possible. Happy and satisfied people attract a lot more happiness and satisfaction. I want more pleasure! I deserve more pleasure! And I intend to attract it!

When you fall into ruts, it’s important to do what you can to bring more pleasure into your life!

I’ve always been the kind of person who has fun doing whatever I’m involved in. Having a smile and cheerful attitude makes for more pleasurable interactions in my travels. When I had a day job, I loved to joke and bring goodies in to share with colleagues. I play music and dance while cleaning in my apartment. Music is a great way to bring in more pleasure! But my rut left me wanting more. Mama Gena’s Mastery program seemed like the best way for me to shake things up in my life. I’ve wanted to take the Mastery for years, but didn’t because it’s expensive, even with my deeep discount for registering early.

But, as Mama Gena points out, what better investment can you make than one in yourself!?!

So I dove in and registered. The Mastery encourages pleasure and allowing yourself pleasure, which tells the Universe you want pleasurable circumstance. Mama Gena’s concept of pleasure extends to attracting good health and great income earning situations. The underlying component for attracting everything you want is mastering the art of giving yourself as much pleasure as possible. This is how I want to live. I see things on the program that are way out of my comfort zone (in the rut I live in) but I’m determined to conquer it all!

How often do you refer to your life as pleasurable??

Mine is happy and I’m content. But, I haven’t been consciously looking for ways to make everything more pleasurable. Doing so will attract more pleasure. When you focus on pleasure you get more! Pleasure puts you into a mindset to attract more goodies. When you’re feeling happy, there are less negative thoughts to impede your desires. Putting out your intentions with a smile is so much more effective than forcing them out as you fight negatives. I encourage you to be VERY conscious as you go about each day. Look for ways to give yourself more. Be creative about looking for ways to bring more pleasure into your life. What small things can you add to attract more pleasure?

• Go out for lunch with a friend instead of eating a sandwich at your desk at work.

• Take a dancercize type of class at the gym instead of always doing a monotonous machine.

• Talk to the ingredients about what a nice day it is when you’re cooking. 🙂

• Say positive affirmations about what a pleasurable life you have?

• Get out more where you can meet new people, like volunteering, going to networking events, or whatever rocks your pleasure.

• Have a few rounds on a swing in the playground without a child on your lap.

• Smile at everyone you can. Flirt when you can!

• Put your foot down on working too much overtime and use the extra time for your joy.

Find your pleasure points—anything that feels good or brings a smile to your face—and work them! I start Mama Gena’s Mastery program the weekend of March 20th and will share some of my experiences here. Meanwhile I ‘m reading her book, Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts : Using the Power of Pleasure to Have Your Way with the World. The more pleasure you allow into your life, the more you’ll attract. Have a good time living your life! Smiles beget more smiles and makes life a joy to experience. No more just passing time everyone! That’s what I did as a DoorMat and I felt comatose from lack of pleasure. Now I’m going to indulge. Will keep you posted on what happen!

Join me! Look for every way you can to bring more pleasure into your life. That how we empowered people should live!

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