This is post 72 in my series on the Law of Attraction in Action. You CAN use your power to attract all that you need. I do it every day! Read the posts in this series to see how.

I want to share with you what I consider THE most important component I learned for using the Law of Attraction successfully. It was missing from The Secret DVD, which bothered me when I watched it. I did learn a lot from watching it, but I was already knowledgeable. People who watch it need to know that making the LOA work for you isn’t as simple as wishing for something. Manifesting what you want needs fuel.

Positive emotions provide the fuel for your intentions. They send a vibration to the Universe that attracts—what you want or what you don’t want.

You may think you’re putting your intentions out well by saying them over and over. But if you’re not feeling them, they may not materialize. For example, if you interview for a new job and keep saying, “I have the job, I have the job,” but inside you’re trying to quell doubt or fear about not getting it, the emotion you feel is doubt or fear. The Universe picks up on that and you probably won’t attract the job.

When people tell me they kept putting out intentions of what they want but didn’t get it, I ask, “How “were you feeling while stating them?”

• Were you feeling doubt or fear?
• Was your intention heartfelt or just lip service without really believing it would happen?
• Did you state it by rote without feeling the impact of your words?
• Or, were you enthusiastic and excited about getting what you were trying to manifest?

The real “secret” to manifesting is to truly feel your words. The Universe picks up on the vibration behind your words and thoughts. That’s why negative ones can manifest more easily. Fear, doubt, feeling doomed for failure, play out through your body without even trying. Negative emotions stick easier and stay with you longer than positive ones. You may be very excited to get that great job interview and state that you intend to get it. But that joyous excitement can be stifled when the negative thoughts come:

• What if I screw up the interview?
• There will probably be people who are more qualified than me applying.
• Am I really good enough to do this job?

Those kinds of thoughts can override all the positive ones you had when you first got the interview. And they’ll stay with you for a long time, even way past the interview, if you don’t manage them by consciously stirring positive emotions. They can follow you to other interviews, building each time you feel let down. Negative emotions are so sticky they can be hard to get rid of. Joy and excitement can be fleeting when negative emotions settle into your thoughts and dominate the emotion behind your intentions.

So while your words state what you want, the vibration of your body’s emotions negate the words.

Understanding this is the key to manifesting positive goodies. Learning this brought my manifest to an amazing level. I am on the alert for negative emotions that can sabotage my desires. They come but I do what I can to get rid of them by saying positive affirmations to drown them out. I also ask for spiritual support in quelling the negative emotions so I can generate the positive ones needed.

When you want something, become your own cheerleader to get yourself excited about getting what you want—even if the doubts or fear are there.

Cheerleaders have to get their team revved even more when they’re losing. Getting the fans excited enough to believe the losing team can make a glorious comeback takes strong positive emotions. It’s the same with summoning positive emotions to cheer yourself to victory. Be the cheerleader needed to get excited enough to manifest.

You can override the negative emotions by generating positive emotions that can help you attract what you want.

Dig deep if necessary. Id necessary, first ask for help with quelling the negatives you feel. Talk to a friend or even a therapist. I work with people who have problem getting past the negatives to stir excitement. It’s not hopeless if you can’t do it on your own! Get a spiritual buddy and cheer each other. It’s up to you to channel or create the positive vibrations needed to manifest what you want. If you’re going after something you want bad enough, dig deep and be the cheerleader you need to be.

Write down all the positive things that will come from manifesting what you want.
Read it a lot, aloud when you can, with feeling.
Talk to yourself in the mirror. “I intend to make this a reality!!!”
Affirm over and over that you’re getting it. As you affirm, get yourself excited by looking at the list of the positives you’ll get.
Say “thank you,” with all the enthusiasm you can muster, to the Universe—many times a day, as if you have it already. You do if you’re putting the emotions out!

The more you say things with feeling, even if it’s forced at first, the more you’ll begin to believe it. The more you believe, the more positive emotions you’ll feel. When you try this, start with something small. As you manifest, your confidence in the Law of Attraction working will grow, enabling the positive emotions to come easier.

While my faith is strong, I used to get nervous whenever my agent embarked on getting me a deal for my next book. Even with my history of successful books, getting the next deal can be tough. I learned about the importance of emotions as my agent was getting started on a new title. I asked God for help with quelling my anxiety. Then I began to generate my excitement about getting the best deal for the highest good of my book. It took a little time but I began to really feel it.

All day long, every day, I said, no screamed, “I have a fabulous deal for my book!!!”

In the past, rejection letters, which are part of the process, would get me down. This time, when I got one I said, “It doesn’t matter because I already have the perfect deal!!” the more I said it aloud with enthusiasm, the more excited I got and the more I believed. I got 2 offers but hated the terms and told my agent NO! She warned I might have to take one if nothing else came in but I kept enthusiastically saying, “I have a fabulous deal for my book!!!”

Since you can’t think 2 thoughts clearly at the same time, saying that kind of positive affirmation can drown out doubts and fears.

The last publisher to decide on the book was a good one. I held out with faith and affirmations that made me excited as my agent
pushed me to consider the other offers. I refused and staunchly declared I’d get the deal I wanted. And I did! That took me to another level of understanding how to use my spiritual power to the max. Ever since I begin my manifesting by generating the emotional excitement needed. It can take some time to get into the emotional spirit this but you CAN do it!

Once you try it and it works, you’ll get even more excited, knowing you have the key to manifesting your dreams!

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