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I was with my friend Lori last week when she couldn’t find her car keys. She’d put them into her jacket pocket when she went into a class but they weren’t there when she left. Someone must have accidentally picked them up. It was a mystery. I met up with her after. She got frantic and spoke of gloom and doom. While I warned her to stop, she kept saying she knew she wouldn’t find her keys. And guess what? They never turned up!

Expressing doubt that something will or won’t happen blocks it from happening or attracts what you don’t want.

When someone drove us to Lori’s house, she went on and on about how she hadn’t seen her spare keys in ages and was sure she wouldn’t find them. Hello! The Law of Attraction delivers on those thoughts. And they did. She searched her drawers, all the while affirming she wouldn’t find the spare keys. I warned her that the doubt she expressed would sabotage finding them but she kept saying I didn’t understand and she needed to rant. And the Universe sent her more to rant about.

Doubt says you don’t trust that you’ll get what you want. It’s hard to be faithful and doubtful at the same time.

Doubt is expressed in many ways. You don’t have to directly say, “I doubt it” for doubt to sabotage your desires. Saying “I hope so” expresses doubt. Often when someone is nervous that something important won’t work out, I insist that it will. Instead of agreeing with me, more commonly I hear “I hope so.” I state what they want and they express doubt by saying they hope it will happen instead of expressing a belief that it will. And then they wonder why they don’t get what they want.

Our power is in the KNOWING.

Feeling uneasy about what you want to happen shows doubt. I know how important situations can make you nervous. I’ve been there! It’s hard to not worry and doubt a good outcome when things look bad. My friend was terrified of the repercussions of losing her car keys and her logic made her think if she hadn’t found them easily, they just weren’t there. Emotions push our doubt buttons. You can push back if you’re aware and choose to stop the doubt! This is a CRITICAL concept to understand if you want to use the Law of Attraction more fully”

Our power is in the KNOWING.

I learned this when my book How to Please a Woman In & Out of Bed came out. All Men Are Jerks Until Proven Otherwise was still going strong and an author friend looked me in the eye and said I HAD TO get on Howard Stern. HAD TO! I felt her passion about it and KNEW I HAD TO get on the show. I didn’t hope or wish or dream or pray. I KNEW. I told people I’d be on Howard Stern within the next 3 weeks. I even announced it during a TV appearance. When I told the publisher’s publicist, she laughed and said it wouldn’t happen.

I just asked her to make sure Howard’s producer had a copy of my books and the Law of Attraction would do the rest.

She thought I was nuts! People I told I’d be on the show humored me like I was a mental case but I kept saying I’d be on Howard Stern within that 3 week period, with complete assurance, since I KNEW it. I needed to go on this show so I HAD TO get on. It was that simple. I never felt doubt. A week later, my publicist called and with wonderment, asked how I did it? Howard’s producer had called for me to be on the show. I told her God supported my thoughts. All I did was put it out that I KNEW I’d be on. A few days later I spent 35 commercial-free minutes chatting with Howard as he plugged my books with enthusiasm.

It was then that I recognized that our power is in the KNOWING.

KNOWING isn’t easy. You can just say you know you’re going to get something and try to stifle your doubts. You really have to know enough to trust the process to work. KNOWING comes as your faith gets stronger. First you need your foundation, which is built by practicing smaller acts of manifesting. For example, last night I was waiting for my train. Two lines ran on the same track. Mine ran less often. As I heard a train coming, I kept saying “uptown E.” “uptown E.” And it was! I do that effortless now but had to practice at the beginning. Each time it works, your ability to KNOW gets stronger.

KNOWING begins with learning to replace doubt with faith.

When you hear yourself getting doubtful, try to slow yourself down with deep breathing. Ask yourself, “Do I want to prove my doubts correct or get what I want?” If it’s the latter, do what you can to calm down. Saying affirmations does that for me. As I say them over and over, it reminds me that the Law of Attraction works when I let it, and I become more likely to let it. My faves are:

“I trust in the Universe to take care of me. All is well in my world.”

“Everything will work out fine. “

Ask for spiritual support to get over doubts. That’s how I deal with the real nerve wracking situations. Listen for the words you use. Are you hoping or knowing? The more you see it working, the stronger your KNOWING becomes. I KNOW you can all manifest a lot more good stuff than you currently do. When you put your own focus on KNOWING, you’ll begin to reap more.

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