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I hear it all the time—“I said what I wanted and things didn’t work out that way. The Law of Attraction doesn’t work for me!” I used to say that myself when I didn’t have strong faith. I remember when I decided to move into Manhattan, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to live or how I’d earn a living. It was before I began to write books. So I decided to get an apartment share instead of my own place. It would give me the fluidity of being able to move when I figured out what I wanted to do.

The apartment I ended up in was in midtown on the east side, a far cry from the areas I thought were best for me. I didn’t know this neighborhood but needed a place and it was in my price range. Plus, I had a wonderful view of the Chrysler building (my favorite!) from my bedroom window. I had a phone line put in and settled down in what I realized was a fabulous apartment in a very convenient location. A month later, I told a friend how blessed I was to be so happy there.

That night my roommate said he had financial problems and had to move in 2 months. It felt like the bottom fell out of my world.

I thought I’d jinxed myself by sayin I was happy! I could either take over the lease and get a new roommate, or move. The first option meant giving up my freedom and also dealing with the hassle of finding a roommate. But I’d just gotten new business cards and paid for the phone line so I didn’t want to have to find another place. For weeks I walked around saying that the Universe didn’t want me to be happy. Other things began to go wrong.

That reinforced that I was doomed to be unhappy.

After wallowing in self-pity for a month, I caught myself and remembered that I’d used my spiritual power successfully before and could do it again. I reminded myself that everything happens for a reason and asked the Universe to show it to me. Right after, someone commented about how lucky I was to get the lease on a rent-stabilized apartment in my building at a good rent. Then I found the perfect roommate at the perfect time.

John Wooden said, “Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out.”

When you can accept that everything happens for a reason, you can wait for the reason and be certain it will be okay. The more accepting I became, the more I realized how much I love my apartment and it was VERY true that I was lucky to have the lease for a fabulous NYC apartment. Now I know that my neighborhood is the best one for me and I’m still in that apartment. The more I accepted how life unfolded, the more I knew I was led to it and my career took off. When my roommate moved, I didn’t replace her. Had my original roommate not moved when he did, I wouldn’t be living here on my own.

Acceptance of how your circumstances turn out illustrates trust that everything will be in your highest good.

It can take a while to find the good but you will if you EXPECT it, instead of lamenting about things going badly. It felt like everything I wanted turned to crap the first month after my roommate announced he was leaving. I attracted it by feeling like the Universe hated me. The more I began to accept whatever came my way, the less I’d get stressed. Eventually, I’d find good reasons for things not going as I wanted. The reason may take days or weeks or even years to materialize. But it always does.

When you put yourself into God/the Universe’s hands, you’re safe!

I was recently put to the test. I’ve been working on a project since the summer. It’s been a lot of work yet I was excited to be involved in it. There were many aspects I liked but the project stressed me out a lot. It was the first time I didn’t enjoy writing but I was determined to see it through. Then came an unexpected call that the project had been stopped. Thinking about losing the money I could have gotten gave me a sinking feeling—at first. Then I remembered how important it is to accept what happens.

Accepting circumstances you’re presented with and moving forward with a positive attitude attracts good stuff, including feeling happy instead of down or stressed.

When I hung up, I allowed myself to process what had happened. It was terrible on the one hand so I decided to come up with 5 good things from having the project dropped. 1. The stress that had been like a cloud over me for months lifted. 2. I no longer had to write in a way that wasn’t my style. 3. I have another project because someone from this one recommended me, and it’s one I love. 4. I’ll have time to write the book I’ve been wanting to write but didn’t have time for.

5. I’m free! I had meetings scheduled around the project and felt tied down to stay in NY when I want to take a trip. Now I can!

I made the best of losing the project within minutes of getting the news. Those 5 reasons I wrote down got me excited. And happy. I KNEW it was for my highest good and was ready to move on in acceptance and faith that something better would take its place. I truly believe that God knew I wasn’t happy doing the project and orchestrated the reasons for it being canceled. When I opened my emails right after there was an insight waiting for me by Frances Willard:

The world is wide, and I will not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum.

Negativity about my situation would have created that friction. Acceptance set me free to feel happy about it. We all have choices: 1) let something that falls through or doesn’t go how you want or doesn’t materialize at all, create negative emotions that don’t feel good and send a negative message that the Law of Attraction will pick up on.

OR, 2) move on and find the positives.

Finding the positives feels so much better and attracts good energy. Dwelling on why you’re hurt or angry or sad or depressed attracts more of those emotions. When you accept your outcomes and move forward with positive anticipation to find the reasons, you’ll attract something good from the situation since you expect to.

I didn’t tell anyone what happened since the likely reaction would be commiseration, which I don’t need. Most people wouldn’t get that but by the end of the day I was celebrating my 5 reasons. It felt like a big weight had lifted. Of course there are things that I don’t like about what happened but I don’t dwell on them since it’s over and I don’t want to think about anything negative!

Next time something doesn’t work out as hoped for or it goes wrong, write down 5 good things that could come of it so the Law of Attraction can help in a positive way.

Adversity can teach you if you don’t let it get you down. I’m still rejoicing over the turn in my circumstances and looking forward to finding a happy ne
w direction. Close one door and another one (or 2 or 3 open)! I’m awaiting them with joyous anticipation!

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