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Have you ever has something go wrong and you et it ruin your whole day? I have! Many times unfortunately. It can be something small like a comment about my weight. Or missing my train and being a little late. Then, instead of letting the incident pass, it pervades my mood for hours, if not days. I try to catch my response faster now but it’s still hard. A ten minute negative can pervade your life if you let it.

Negatives can really latch on like glue!

I thought about this yesterday. Something happened that I didn’t like and I held it with me all day. It was a bit of a dreary day and much colder than it’s been. Later in the afternoon I realized I’d let one small thing bring me down for the whole day. That’s so unnecessary. I like to feel happy! My thoughts were negative and I attracted a down feeling. I knew that I had to turn it around or I’d continue being tired and down.

I began thinking of positive things and saying them aloud when the negatives came into my head, determined to send a better message to the Universe. It worked!

I also ordered a light box to help me when there’s not enough sun. I get Seasonal Affective Disorder in the winter. When the days get short, it makes me more tired and prone to feeling down. When there’s sunshine, my mood is bright and I absorb as much as I can. But on the cloudy and nasty days, I have to create my own. Expecting the light box to help. It’s important to find ways to diffuse the effects of negative incidents.

I can’t control the sunshine but I can control whether I let glitches in my day hang with me or let it go to attract more positive feelings.

Research for the new book I’m writing has taught me that negative emotions are much more potent than positive ones. You can have a fabulous evening at a show, come home filled with joy, and lose it by morning. Support from friends can be overshadowed by your boss yelling at you for 10 seconds. Feeling anxiety about being late for an appointment can stick with you for the whole day, well after it’s over. Stress can become a lifestyle if you don’t catch yourself. Yet joy and happiness and feeling positive are harder to maintain.

Negative feeling are sticky. They take hold like Crazy Glue if you’re not vigilant! And guess what they attract?

Negative incidents can happen throughout the day. It’s hard to avoid them. But a momentary unkind word or uncomfortable situation isn’t your whole day and therefore shouldn’t ruin it. When I was a DoorMat, someone would ask if I’d gained weight and my day would be shot. I held all negatives like a sponge. Hanging onto negative blips in your day attracts more negative feelings and reinforces what you felt at the time of the incident. I couldn’t let go back then. I was too deep in attracting unhappiness.

Leave life blips in the past and let them go so you can feel more positive.

Being positive and happy is a conscious choice. Feeling negative is a response to something unpleasant and goes deeper if you let it. Traffic can do serious damage to your mood, as can an annoying phone call, small disagreement, or other incident you don’t like. By feeding yourself a steady diet of positive emotions—joy, gratitude, satisfaction, love, self-approval, etc.—you can keep negatives in check and attract more positives.

It can take a conscious effort to not let a negative blip set the mood for your whole day, or week, or longer. But you can do it if you CHOOSE to!

How many times has someone asked how you are and you said a version of “Lousy,” because you’d had a negative blip? Maybe a co-worker disagreed with you or you missed your bus or you tripped and felt embarrassed or got a small stain on your shirt or a million others things that happen as part of life. Putting it out that you consider your life lousy or cursed or other negatives is the surest way to keep it that way. That’s the wrong message to send if you want to attract happiness!

When memories of a negative incident get into my head after it’s over, I try to say, “blip be gone!” Because it usually really is a small blip in the bigger picture of our lives, yet we give them so much importance. So, do you want to keep blipping through life, letting negatives rule your overall mood? Or do you want to minimize their effect and be happy most of the time?

When a blip haunts you, remind yourself it’s over. Past tense. Finito! Done.

Of course you can think about it and feel lousy for longer. That’s your CHOICE. I’d rather be happy now. And to accomplish that, I must keep negative emotions in check, and in perspective. I live for now. Anything that happened before now is over.

It’s so easy to hold onto past stuff that felt bad and so easy to forget the good. But you can change that dynamic!

Call a positive friend, talk it out and then let it go. Remind yourself it’s in the past and the past is over. Think about why it should impact on you now? Go to the mirror and express some love! Reassure yourself that you want to take loving care of your feelings and will try to let go of negatives. Words mean nothing unless you let them. Missed buses and disagreements are resolved. It’s the feelings you had that aren’t. So put them into perspective.

Why let them make you feel bad, which attracts more bad vibes when you should have good ones.

I love myself too much to do that now. Begin to be more aware of how negative blips affect your overall mood. Ask yourself if you’d rather be negative or be happy? If you choose happy, then put as much focus as you can on your positive blessings. Don’t let those negative emotions stick to you. The more they do, the more they build up like plaque on teeth, that’s hard to get rid of. Brush the blips off as they happen to keep your soul clear and leave room for happier things. You’ll see your life turn around in a dramatically positive way when you do!

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