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During this holiday season, there’s lots of joy in the air. People tend to be more caring. On the streets of NYC, I see many people putting dollars into the collection boxes for the Salvation Army and other charities. There’s a glut of people volunteering to help out at soup kitchens on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year day. They seem to get a good, warm feeling from helping out.

But what about the rest of the year!?!

Of course it’s normal to give when you can. But we shouldn’t need the holiday spirit to spark us to help those less fortunate. Research shows that people derive great happiness from doing things that help others, whether it be regular volunteer work, donating money, organizing a drive to help a charity, etc.

Making others happy with charitable actions attracts more happiness for you!

Knowing you’ve helped someone feels good. It’s a reward unto itself—priceless—since how can you put a price tag on the value of knowing someone had a good meal or can get medical care or has a decent place to live, etc., because of your effort. Charity doesn’t have to be a big act or more than you can afford. When you give what you can from your heart, it can be something very simple.

Often what might seem like very little to you can be a blessing to someone in need.

If you’ve ever ridden the subways of NY, you probably know that many people come on trying to get money from the riders. Some sell things, some entertain and some just make an impassioned plea for something to eat or money to buy food. If you ride the same line enough, you may see the same people. One day an amicable guy who’d lost his job got on. He sang for money, saying he wanted to at least give something—entertainment—to people who might help him out. He’d been unemployed for a while. Like a few others, I gave him a dollar.

A few weeks later, he got on my subway care again. This time he had a bad runny nose and was stuffed up when he announced that he had a bad cold but rather than just beg, he’d sing for money and do his best, despite how stuffed he was. He sounded awful. Kind of croaking. But he finished the song. I know how awful it feels to be that stuffed and not have medicine for it. So when he got to me with his hat, I put in the sheet of Sudafed I had with me. I always keep some in my purse in case I need them. The smile I got from him, and the appreciative thanks, was as heartfelt as if I’d given him a lot of money.

When you have nothing, something can mean the world. And the Law of Attraction reciprocates with other kinds of blessings.

For me, the biggest blessing is the good feeling I get when I help someone. Even if I don’t know who’s getting my help, like when I donate to a charity, I know I’ve done good, and that feels good! Sometimes people say they wish they could help a charity but their financial situation doesn’t allow it. That doesn’t have to be true!

Honestly, when you give to others, the Law of Attraction returns it to you. Money tends to come from a variety of sources.

Even when I don’t have an income earning project I’ll give money to people on the street who need to eat. I’ve even bought food for people during times I had to cut out my own eating out. Yet I always have enough! It’s lovely how the Law of Attraction reciprocates a charitable spirit.

The act of giving attracts getting.

I’ve mentioned that my company is called Project Self-Empowerment and one of my goals is to raise the money to give my book, How Do I Love Me? Let Me Count the Ways away for free in colleges, shelters, etc. I want others to learn the tools for loving themselves like I do. When my mother passed away, I’d just given the proposal for the book to my agent and got a message that I need to give it away in order to reach the people who might benefit the most from learning how to love themselves and in doing so, improve their self-esteem.

So I took it back from my agent with the intention of self-publishing it, selling it and using any money from sales to give them away to college students, people in shelters and others who could benefit. I’ve put it out to God that I’m expecting to connect with either a corporate sponsor or a benefactor who would finance it and know that when the time is right it will be there. Meanwhile, I’ve finished writing it. People think I’m crazy because I could make money selling the book.

But, I’ve never felt more satisfaction from my writing as I do at the thought of giving the book to people it will help.

My next post will be an interview with Frank McKinney, a NY Time bestselling author who used his success in real estate to build homes for poor people. He will talk about the blessing of being charitable toward others. When you do, it truly increases your abundance in many ways, besides making more money. The kind of abundance it brings makes life more rewarding.

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